What is a Support Technical Account Manager?

A Percona Support Technical Account Manager (TAM) drives successful technical relationships between you (our customer) and Percona. A Support TAM is there to help you achieve your business goals with regard to your database environment and how it powers your company's websites, applications and services.

TAMs maintain oversee the entire Customer/Percona technical relationship to ensure better success for your business.

This is achieved by:

Understanding you and your company better than anyone else at Percona

Meeting with you to understand their business and technical environment, infrastructure, goals, and challenges
Ensuring relationships exist with the involved business units and key personnel
Knowledge of relevant ongoing and upcoming projects and initiatives within your organization
Knowledge of relevant existing and upcoming Percona products and services that will enhance your success
Awareness of your company's particular capabilities and restrictions

Advocating for you within Percona

Delivering input on relevant product and service roadmaps regarding feature enhancements or new directions that would drive greater success for you, increasing leverage for their feature requests and bug reports

Managing your technical relationship with Percona

Coordinating among Support, Managed Services, Consulting, Engineering, Sales, and Customer Success as appropriate to ensure that everyone is “on the same page” and moving in a mutually successful direction
Helping the you navigate Percona as appropriate, for example helping them understand how to schedule consulting work or how and when to escalate issues

Checking in with regular status calls and reviews

Conducting regular weekly, biweekly, and monthly calls as appropriate
Providing proactive check-ins
Semi-annual onsite meetings as desired

Driving solutions and forward progress

Driving complex or long running support issues toward resolution
Identifying potential trends by reviewing support activity from an overarching, holistic perspective
Engaging directly with strategically important support issues
Owning and managing critical situations, including joining and arranging calls

Facilitating communication

Translating between technical and business needs and realities
Fostering productive and effective information exchange and understanding

Advising on technical issues

Resolving simpler technical issues during regular calls without involving technical support or other teams when possible
Recommending best practices and relevant Percona solutions
Assisting with overall product lifecycle planning with knowledge of key “new release” and End of Life dates
Arranging calls with or coordinating information exchange from technical leads and subject matter experts
Proactively notifying about relevant security concerns and product releases

Additionally, anyone with a Support TAM are automatically granted “priority boarding” within the workload queue. All other things being equal, if you have a TAM any problem affecting you will be handled first.

How Percona Can Help

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