Setting Up a MySQL and Orchestrator Docker Environment

MySQL and Orchestrator

In a previous post, Using DBdeployer to manage MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB sandboxes, we covered how we use DBdeployer within the Support Team to easily create MySQL environments for testing purposes. Here, I will expand on what Peter wrote in Installing MySQL with Docker, to create environments with more than one node. In […]

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How to Bootstrap a Virtual Conference During a Pandemic!

bootstrap a virtual conference

We were in the midst of planning for Percona Live Austin 2020. We had a new venue lined up, an awesome agenda, on-site planning meetings were complete, and lots of sponsors on-board — showing signs of the potential for a bigger and better conference than we’d experienced before. Then BOOM! A pandemic hit, which […]

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Removing PostgreSQL Bottlenecks Caused by High Traffic

PostgreSQL Bottlenecks High Traffic

Taking our cue from Peter Zaitsev’s article on MySQL Performance Bottlenecks, I’m going to talk a little about the PostgreSQL perspective of removing bottlenecks caused by high traffic.
Many stacks these days are implemented by trusting the Object Relational Mapper, ORM, to do the right thing with PostgreSQL while one creates critical business logic on […]

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Webinar June 10: Using eBPF for Linux Performance Analyses

Using eBPF for Linux Performance Analyses

Join Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona, as he discusses eBFT. eBPF is one of the most powerful instrumentation frameworks in modern Linux Kernel. In this presentation, we will cover eBPF basics as well as usage of Interactive eBPF tools, showing practical examples when and how they can help to resolve performance problems. Finally, we […]

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Percona Welcomes Community Contributors

Percona Community Contributors

Open-source companies live by their community. Favorable buzz by community users is ultimately what’s made Percona software successful. Some users make further contributions in the form of expertise, source code, documentation, and more. As an open-source company in business for over 14 years, Percona welcomes contributions from our user community. Here’s how you can […]

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