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Percona is a leading provider of unbiased open source database solutions that allow organizations to easily, securely and affordably maintain business agility, minimize risks, and stay competitive.


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Don’t be trapped into contracts without options! Percona provides unbiased, best-of-breed expertise so you can maximize your multi-vendor open source database environment!


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Struggling to maximize the value of open source databases? We’ll help you lower your operational and infrastructure costs and increase your ROI!

An unbiased, trusted partner, Percona provides single-source expertise in multi-vendor environments that eliminates lock-in, increases agility and enables business growth.

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Learn how Madwire uses Percona to optimize their AWS cloud database architecture for better application performance.
See how uses Percona managed services to oversee their database in order to make sure customers can instantly access retail deals.

Percona reduces risk and operational costs by providing best-of-breed enterprise-class solutions for open source databases in on-premises and cloud environments.

Percona Open Source Database Experts Blog

28 Oct

Say Hello to Libcoredumper – A New Way to Generate Core Dumps, and Other Improvements

by Marcelo Altmann

In a perfect world, we expect all software to run flawlessly and never have problems such as bugs and crashes. We also know that this perfect world doesn’t exist and we better be as prepared...

27 Oct

Using MySQL 8 Persisted System Variables

by Arunjith Aravindan

This blog discusses new features about the persisted system variables and how we can use it to make variable changes persistent. The MySQL server maintains system variables that control its...

27 Oct

A First Glance at Amazon Aurora Serverless RDS

by Yves Trudeau

If you often deploy services in the cloud, you certainly, at least once, forgot to stop a test instance. I am like you and I forgot my share of these. Another mistake I do once in a while is to...

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November 10, 2020 - 1:00pm
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November 17, 2020 - 1:00pm
by Vinicius Grippa
November 19, 2020 - 1:00pm
by Stephen Thorn, Barrett Chambers