Percona Open Source Database Support Overview

Percona Support provides you with a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective database support subscription that helps you to guarantee application performance by making sure your database meets needed performance and uptime requirements.

Percona’s collective, unbiased, multi-vendor open source database expertise helps you avoid software and cloud platform vendor lock-in by providing you with help, expertise, and real-world experience on all types of database environments, including those that use a combination of different software and architectures.

No matter whether you deploy MySQL®, MariaDB®, MongoDB®, or PostgreSQL – on premise, in the cloud, in a DBaaS environment, bare metal, virtualized or containerized – Percona Support has you and your database covered.

Keep your database live

Keep Critical Database Applications Online

Percona has helped thousands of customers implement high availability options and tune and optimize their database applications to ensure they don’t experience performance bottlenecks at critical times.

Keep your database live

Maximize Your Investment

Our database architecture and optimization experts have helped thousands of customers get more out of their existing deployments by preventing outages, improving mean time to recovery by up to 300%, and saving our customers millions on their hosting bills over the last five years some with up to a 90% reduction in monthly bills. Calculate your database costs and estimate any potential savings with one of our free tools.

Keep your database live

Help Your Developers Write Better Applications

Offer your developers and architects the opportunity to ask consultative support questions to resolve performance bottlenecks, database server issues, and implement best practices to protect your data and help avoid database problems before they occur.

Keep your database live

Reduce Distractions and Focus on Generating Revenue

Percona Support subscriptions give you access to database experts 24x7x365 who can troubleshoot issues or outages, reduce time to recovery and get your team back to focusing on your business needs that drive revenue.

Keep your database live

Technical Support In and Out of the Cloud

Percona Support is available for deployments on all major cloud vendors (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud). Our support offerings fill the gaps left by cloud provider automated solutions, and our support services augment existing support agreements to guarantee that your environment is getting the maximum performance for the minimum cost.

24x7x365 Database Support for Everyone

Percona offers 24x7x365 support for production outages to ALL support customers, as well as options for real-time electronic and phone access to its expert technical support team – not just asynchronous communications through the ticketing system.

Service that Fits Your Needs

Percona Support comes in three varieties: Essentials, Advanced, and Premium. This lets you find the right level of service for your technical and business needs:

  • A simple deployment with basic needs
  • A mission critical application with complex high availability requirements
  • A demanding business critical application that requires the best initial and ongoing response time SLAs in the industry and a money back guarantee.

We offer DBaaS-specific versions of each level, and for customers with a large number of servers we also offer Advanced and Premium support under “Unlimited Servers” terms.