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Percona MySQL Training

Percona has been one of the top leaders in the open source database space for over ten years. Our experts are exactly that: experts. Our MySQL and open source database training programs leverage the cumulative knowledge and best practices gained from our years of experience working on real-world issues and solving problems for our customers. When you enroll in our courses, we transfer our knowledge and experience to you and your team.

Why Invest in Training?

Like any IT operations area, MySQL database management skills are based on knowledge and expertise. The more people have, the quicker they can diagnose issues and implement solutions.

Investing in training is an investment in solution management, and ultimately reduces costs associated with database emergency and issue resolutions. Training in database configuration knowledge, best practices and backup and recovery techniques that are geared to support your specific application and website needs help guarantee that your data is always available for both your business and your customers.

Why Use Percona for Training?

Percona knows that enterprises must be agile in order to accommodate changing goals, markets and customers. Your company’s data is crucial to your success. If your database goes down, so does your business. Open source databases are now an established way for businesses to cost-effectively manage data – and Percona is the expert in open source database services and software.

Since 2006, we have assisted some of the biggest names on the Internet with addressing their database architecture, management and maintenance needs so that applications and websites remain optimized, available and consistent.

Our MySQL training can help pass that hard-earned knowledge to your DBAs and operations staff.

Training Methods

All Percona training is instructor-led, complete with hands-on exercises to maximize comprehension, knowledge and skill retention.

Following current industry trends, Percona offers several methods for delivery of our training classes

  • On-site: Private training for your team or organization at your office, or at a geographically centralized location. Learners benefit by having discussions, asking questions, and getting answers that are relevant to their situation and their environment.
  • Virtual: Your dispersed team can attend our virtual classrooms remotely. Learners receive similar benefits compared to on-site trainings.
  • Blended: The blended classroom merges on-site and virtual learning. This benefits organizations that have both onsite and distributed learners, while also providing both live and asynchronous opportunities for pre-assessment and follow-up activities.
  • Public: Percona’s public MySQL training meets several times a year at varying locations. This format maintains all of the same in-person benefits, but shares attendance with members from other organizations.

To learn more about how Percona’s MySQL Training Services can help you, please call us or have us contact you:

What Training Does Percona Provide?

Our training topics are comprehensive, and all courses are exercised-based and highly hands-on.

Percona provides the following training courses:

Operations for MySQL

Track: Description: Outcomes:
Operations, DBA This two-day course is for those individuals in the operations or DBA role; the person who will be responsible for standing up new MySQL instances, performing backups, monitoring and tuning. This course covers such topics as: basics and tools, backup and recovery, replication, monitoring, security, InnoDB basics, InnoDB internals and locking.
  • Gain confidence using MySQL tools, taking backups, restoring backups, creating high-availability with Master/Slave replication
  • Able to set up and configure monitoring and alarming
  • Understand internal engine operations for InnoDB
  • Discover the best MySQL/InnoDB settings for your environment.
  • Learn current industry best practices for MySQL data storage as well as understanding different schema extensibility methods

Developers for MySQL

Track: Description: Outcomes:
Developer, DBA This two-day course targets the developer; the person programming against MySQL, designing and writing queries. This course covers such topics as: query optimization, how to use indexes, common architecture mistakes, instrumentation, and schema design.
  • Gain knowledge in writing better, more efficient queries for MySQL
  • Able to use EXPLAIN to diagnose query performance and understand index usage
  • Know how to properly design MySQL schemas for growth and optimization

ProxySQL Tutorial

Track: Description: Outcomes:
Operations, DBA This one-day hands-on tutorial course covers basic to advanced ProxySQL usage. Topics include: installation and basic concepts, usage with master/slave setups, usage with Percona XtraDB Cluster, monitoring, query firewalling, query blocking, caching, and high availability setups.
  • Understand why and how to use ProxySQL as middleware to your application
  • Able to install, set up, and configure ProxySQL following industry best-practices
  • Know how the query rules function to use ProxySQL as a caching layer, query blocker and rewriter
  • Able to create the most highly-available MySQL setups

Percona XtraDB Cluster Tutorial

Track: Description: Outcomes:
Operations, Developer, DBA This two-day hands-on tutorial course takes the student from a standard master/slave setup and migrates them to a 3-node Percona XtraDB Cluster, complete with ProxySQL (for load balancing and failover) and keepalived (for VIP management). This course covers many topics including: migrating to cluster, application considerations, Galera behavior, online schema changes, high availability, monitoring, and various failure scenarios.
  • Gain confidence in understanding the internals of Percona XtraDB Cluster and the Galera library itself
  • Know how to properly set up a cluster, handle schema changes, and detect and troubleshoot common cluster issues

MySQL 8.0 Introduction

Track: Description: Outcomes:
Operations, Developer, DBA This two-hour course is an introduction to all of the new major features and improvements to MySQL 8.0.
  • Know why certain defaults were changed and the impact that may have on older hardware
  • Understand the purpose/function of several new features (data dictionary, atomic ddls, sha256 passwords, etc.)
  • Know which features were removed and a general understanding of why
  • Understand the basic process and best practices for upgrading to MySQL 8.0
  • Assess whether a new feature can benefit a specific use case

DBA Hands-On (MySQL 101)

Track: Description: Outcomes:
Beginner, DBA of other RDBMS This two-day course is designed for the novice MySQL users. It covers installation, basic configuration, master/slave setup, backups and basic troubleshooting.
  • Able to install, set up and configure MySQL according to industry best practices
  • Able to take, verify, and restore backups
  • Able to troubleshoot common MySQL issues
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General Inquiries

For general inquiries about our open source software and database management tools, please send us your question and someone will contact you.