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A unified experience for developers and database administrators to monitor, manage, secure, and optimize database environments on any infrastructure.

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Percona Monitoring and Management

Monitor the health of your database infrastructure, explore new patterns in behavior, and improve the performance of your databases no matter where they’re located.

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Percona is an open source database software, support, and services company that helps make databases and applications run better.

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Percona Training

Percona has been one of the top leaders in the open source database space for over 15 years. Our experts are exactly that: experts.

Percona Training Provides Needed Open Source Database Expertise

Our MySQL®, MongoDB®, MariaDB®, PostgreSQL, and open source database training programs leverage the cumulative knowledge and best practices gained from years of experience working on real-world issues and solving problems for our customers. When you enroll in our courses, we transfer our knowledge and experience to you and your team.

Download the description of Percona training programs by technology:

Why invest in training?

Like any IT operations area, database management skills are based on knowledge and expertise. The more people have, the quicker they can diagnose issues and implement solutions.

Investing in training is an investment in solution management, and ultimately reduces costs associated with database emergencies and issue resolutions. Training in database configuration knowledge, best practices, and backup and recovery techniques helps guarantee that your data is always available for both your business and your customers.

Why use Percona for training?

Percona knows that businesses must be agile in order to accommodate changing goals, markets, and customers. Your company’s data is crucial to your success. If your database goes down, so does your business. Open source databases are now an established way for businesses to cost-effectively manage data – and Percona is the expert in open source database services and software.

Since 2006, we have assisted some of the biggest names on the Internet with addressing their database architecture, management, and maintenance needs so that applications and websites remain optimized, available, and consistent.

Our MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL training helps pass that hard-earned knowledge to your operations and development staff.

Training Methods

All Percona training is instructor-led, complete with hands-on exercises to maximize comprehension, knowledge, and skill retention.

Following current industry trends, Percona offers several methods for delivery of our training classes:


Private training for your team or organization at your office, or at a geographically centralized location. Learners benefit by having discussions, asking questions, and getting answers that are relevant to their situation and their environment.


Your dispersed team can attend our virtual classrooms remotely. Learners receive similar benefits compared to on-site trainings.


The blended classroom merges on-site and virtual learning. This benefits organizations that have both on-site and distributed learners, while also providing both live and asynchronous opportunities for pre-assessment and follow-up activities.

Get Percona MySQL Support Now

Percona MySQL Support comes in Advanced and Premium so you can find the right level of service for your business needs.

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