Below are a list of open source database solutions that employ Percona software and services to address many of the highly technical needs of open source database environments.

Using Your Database Infrastructure To Support Your Revenue Goals

Technology is a great enabler for modern business growth, and database technology is the infrastructure upon which modern applications and businesses are built.

Percona Server for MySQLDatabase InfrastructureHigh AvailabilityCloud

How Percona's Services Helped Patreon Realize the Value of Their Database Infrastructure

Percona helps companies simplify, manage, deploy, and optimize their database environments. Our significant open source software expertise means we understand how databases work, and how we can make them better.

ServicesSolutionDatabase BackupCloud

Making the Right Database Decision For Your Business

Once you have decided to move your database to the cloud, the first issue to consider is how to pick the right database.

MySQLMySQL SupportPercona Monitoring and ManagementPercona Server for MongoDB

The Lock-In Trap: The Compounding Effect of the Perpetual Support Contract

The move towards open source software offers companies many advantages, including presenting a viable alternative to traditional proprietary software and providing a means to avoid vendor lock-in.

IndustryMySQL SupportScalabilitySecurityHigh Availability

Considering a Fully Managed DBaaS Offering For Your Business?

Selecting the most suitable database technologies and cloud providers to achieve business success is crucial. Businesses are looking for the best database solutions at the right price, but having so many options can be confusing.

AWS AuroraPostgreSQLMySQLPercona Server for MySQLCloud

Percona Open Source Advance

Percona Open Source Advance (POSA) is Percona’s latest consulting-led migration solution. In your journey to open source, we will be a trusted and unbiased advisor, working closely with you throughout the entire migration process.

Open Source DatabaseUpgrades & MigrationsSolutionCloud

Percona Cloud Cover

Percona Cloud Cover is Percona's consulting-led, customized migration solution for companies moving their data from on-premises to cloud-based solutions such as database as a service (DBaaS).

Upgrades & MigrationsSolutionCloud

Never Lose MySQL Data with a Percona XtraDB Cluster AWS EC2 Environment

This solution brief outlines replication and multi-master capabilities using a Percona XtraDB Cluster EC2 architecture built with Percona Server for MySQL and Percona’s enhanced Codership Galera library.

Percona DBA for AWSPercona XtraDB ClusterPercona Server for MySQLHigh AvailabilityCloud

Grow Your Business with an AWS RDS MySQL Environment

This solution brief outlines setting up MySQL Amazon RDS instances to meet your company's growing needs.

MySQLPercona DBA for AWSPercona Server for MySQLCloud

Get Up and Running with Percona Server for MySQL

This solution brief outlines setting up a MySQL® database on-premises using Percona Server for MySQL. It includes failover and basic business continuity components.

MySQLPercona DBA for MySQLPercona XtraBackupPercona Server for MySQLPerformance Optimization