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Percona eBooks

Percona eBooks are collections of the most helpful and insightful posts from the Percona Performance Blog by our technology experts from the Percona Support, Consulting, and Managed Services teams. They cover topics such as DBA best practices related to database performance and troubleshooting, as well MySQL, NoSQL, cloud and polyglot deployments. All Percona eBooks are available for free download.

Practical MySQL Performance Optimization Section 2

Download section two of our newest eBook, “Practical MySQL Performance Optimization,” by Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev and Principal Consultant Alexander Rubin. The content in this eBook will enable you to troubleshoot and optimize your own database performance. The first section of the ebook provides a general overview of why database performance matters. This section dives more deeply into the reasons why poor performance happens, and how to address it. - Read More

Practical MySQL Performance Optimization Section 1

A hands-on, business-case-driven guide to understanding MySQL query parameter tuning and database performance optimization. With the increasing importance of applications and networks in both business and personal interconnections, performance has become one of the key metrics of successful communication. Section two enables you to troubleshoot and optimize your own database performance by investigating what causes poor performance, and how you can address it. - Read More

MySQL Performance Tuning, Volume 1

The Percona eBook "MySQL Performance Tuning" (vol. 1) walks DBAs through the top 10 MySQL settings to tune after installation of your server. Subsequent chapters introduce techniques for advanced MySQL query tuning, share Linux performance tuning tips for MySQL, and optimizing MySQL for Zabbix. - Read More

MySQL Backups Volume 1

In this Percona eBook, the first in a series on MySQL backups, Jervin Real elaborates on encrypted and incremental MySQL backups with Percona XtraBackup; Tushar Katarki details backup and restore of MySQL to OpenStack Swift; Vadim Tkachenko offers some TokuDB tips for MySQL backups; and Peter Zaitsev introduces the popular MySQL Backup Service from Percona. - Read More

MySQL High Availability

In this Percona eBook, the first in a series on MySQL High Availability, senior MySQL consultant Jervin Real introduces mysqlnd_ms with a simple HA solution using asynchronous MySQL replication. He then demonstrates how to leverage an all-primary cluster with writes to all nodes using Percona XtraDB Cluster. - Read More

OpenStack Trove (Volume 1)

OpenStack, the fastest-growing open cloud platform, is a highly scalable operating system for public and private clouds and is winning the support of service providers and organizations of all sizes. Trove is the "Database as a Service" (DBaaS) for OpenStack. This Percona eBook introduces OpenStack, Trove and DBaaS; offers practical advice on overcoming issues associated with growth when using MySQL and OpenStack; provides a closer look at Percona Server, OpenStack and the Tesora DBaaS platform; and introduces OpenStack Live 2015, an annual conference that debuts April 13-14 2015. - Read More

MySQL Security

MySQL security is more important today than ever. In this Percona eBook, we'll examine MySQL 5.6 security vs ease of use, why it's important to review your current database security measures - along with real-world best practices and advice. - Read More

MySQL Replication

MySQL's built-in replication is the foundation for building large, high-performance applications on top of MySQL using the "scale-out" architecture. MySQL replication enables DBAs to configure one or more server as replicas of another server - keeping the data synced with the master copy. This Percona eBook, "MySQL Replication," covers the following: "How does MySQL Replication really work?" "How to identify and cure MySQL replication slave lag" "GTIDs in MySQL 5.6: New replication protocol; new ways to break replication”     - Read More

MySQL Fabric - Part 1

MySQL Fabric is an integrated framework for managing farms of MySQL servers with support for both high-availability and sharding. This Percona eBook examines using it to manage MySQL server farms and also looks at High Availability with MySQL Fabric. The eBook concludes with a discussion with MySQL Fabric lead developer Mats Kindahl, senior principal software developer in MySQL at Oracle. - Read More

MySQL Performance Schema

MySQL Performance Schema is a tool for monitoring database execution with minimal impact on server performance. In the Percona eBook, "MySQL Performance Schema," the authors address MySQL 5.6 Performance Schema in multi-tenant environments; Performance Schema overhead; and Performance Schema tables stats. - Read More

The power of MySQL's GROUP_CONCAT

MySQL has useful extension to the GROUP BY operation: function GROUP_CONCAT: GROUP_CONCAT(expr) – This function returns a string result with the concatenated non-NULL values from a group. When is GROUP_CONCAT useful? Usually while working with Support customers I recommend it when you have aggregation of many-to-many info. It makes the view simpler and more beautiful and it doesn’t need much effort to make it work. In the Percona eBook, "The power of MySQL’s GROUP_CONCAT,” authors Vadim Tkachenko and Michael Rikmas provide real-world examples of GROUP_CONCAT in action. - Read More

How to find bugs in MySQL

For Roel Van de Paar, finding bugs in MySQL is not only fun, it’s also something he's been doing the last four years of his professional life. Whether you want to become the next Shane Bester (who is generally considered the most skilled MySQL bug hunter worldwide), or just want to prove you can outsmart some of the world’s best programmers, finding bugs in MySQL is a skill not reserved anymore to top QA engineers armed with a loads of scripts, expensive flash storage and top-range server hardware. As Percona's director of development services, Roel leads Percona's Development Services group, which includes Percona's QA, documentation, software packaging, build/release management and performance testing teams. - Read More

InnoDB Full Text Search in MySQL 5.6

In "InnoDB Full-text Search in MySQL 5.6," senior consultant Ernie Souhrada opens with a quick overview of Full-text Search (FTS) in InnoDB and some observations that he's made while getting it configured. In Chapter 2, he compares query results between MyISAM FTS and InnoDB FTS over the same data sets and also provides insight into query performance. He closes by revisiting some of the “quirks” from Chapters 1 and 2 to see if the behavior has changed. - Read More

InnoDB Logs

InnoDB is the default transactional storage engine for MySQL and the most important and broadly useful engine overall. It was designed for processing many short-lived transactions that usually complete rather than being rolled back. This Percona eBook focuses on one basic area: InnoDB logs. In Chapter 1, Stephane Combaudon shares is experience in MySQL performance audits, listing the top 10 MySQL settings to tune after installation - many of which include InnoDB settings. In Chapter 2 he explains why choosing a good InnoDB log file size is key to InnoDB write performance. Vadim Tkachenko, in Chapter 3, details the expected recovery time from 8G innodb_log_file. - Read More

MySQL Logs

The Percona eBook, "MySQL Logs," is comprised of 4 chapters. The first, by Percona Senior Knowledge Manager Bill Karwin, focuses on Percona Toolkit's pt-query-digest, a tool indispensable for identifying your top SQL queries, and analyzing which queries are accounting for your database load. In Chapter 2, "Rotating MySQL slow logs safely," Peter Boros shares key lessons he learned when logging a high volume of queries to the slow log. In Chapter 3, "Impact of logging on MySQL's performance," Aleksandr Kuzminsky uses Percona's microslow patch to reveal logging impacts on performance. Chapter 4, by Percona CEO and founder Peter Zaitsev, answers the question: "How to find MySQL queries worth optimizing?” Visit Percona's eBook Library for more selections (new additions added regularly).  - Read More

InnoDB Performance Optimization

In this eBook we'll begin with a review of InnoDB performance optimization basics and continue with the revelation of one common pitfall you'll want to avoid when working with InnoDB file formats. Next we'll show you how to move the InnoDB log sequence number (LSN) forward (when it is stuck in the future) and finally we'll open the hood of MySQL 5.6 and expose InnoDB Memcached Plugin as a caching layer. - Read More

MySQL Server Memory Usage

This Percona eBook features MySQL server memory usage. The first chapter offers popular troubleshooting tips from Percona support engineer Nilnandan Joshi based on his many customer interactions. Chapters Two and Three, by Alexey Stroganov, focus on the impact of memory allocators on MySQL performance and the rest of the book looks at profiling MySQL memory usage with Valgrind Massif by Roel Van de Paar. - Read More

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6

In this issue Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6 users will learn how to find a good IST donor, using keepalived with reader and writer VIPs, and also get introduced to new wsrep_provider_options. - Read More

Percona XtraDB Cluster

This issue offers a peak at some of the useful MySQL 5.6 features that you get for free in Percona XtraDB Cluster, explains how to migrate to Percona XtraDB Cluster and then walks users through setting up a simple cluster. We'll also examine Galera Flow Control and investigate MySQL replication latency. - Read More