Percona white papers present information on a variety of topics, such as in-depth analyses and recommendations for common issues faced by database developers and administrators. The results of our benchmarking tests on software and hardware solutions are also presented. Where appropriate, Percona white papers present best practice recommendations that are based on our in-depth experience developed through working with leading technology users.

Does Migration to the Cloud Eliminate the Need for a DBA?

When you look back at most outages and customer slowdowns, you often can tie these back to a series of events that started early in the lifecycle of an application.

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The High Cost of Vendor Lock-In

Companies who use proprietary software, databases, or platforms are at risk of vendor lock-in. Businesses often find it impossible to move to an alternative vendor without the substantial financial expense or business disruption.

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Why Enterprises Adopt Open Source Software

Percona recently conducted a survey of companies about their open source database “footprint.” In that survey, roughly 69% of companies that responded say open sourc

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What is “Fully Managed” in the Cloud?

Record numbers of businesses are investing in “as-a-Service” (XaaS) infrastructures and moving some or all of their IT infrastructure to public clouds, including moving their databases to the cloud.

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Paid Support or Self-Support: That Is the Question

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of an open source revolution was dismissed by most major IT business analysts and investors, skeptical about the viability of the open source business model and how it would really impact commercial software.

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Non-Simple: The New Complexity of Database Deployment

It used to be simple. Get database software, install the software on a server, connect it with applications, populate it with data.

Then everything changed.

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Why Cloud is Right for Your Next Database Project

Gartner recently reported that the majority of new database implementations will be taking place in the cloud, with 7

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How Solid Database Planning Can Future Proof Your Business

Companies thrive on great ideas. A great idea for an application is often the start of an exciting and profitable new business enterprise.

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The Need for Speed and Scale

Performance and scale are more important than ever. With user expectations at an all-time high and attention spans at an all-time low, each second of downtime can cost your business millions in lost customers and revenue.

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Entering the New World of Database Technologies

From the rise of cloud computing, machine learning, and automation, to the impact of growing real-time and self-service demands, the world of database management continues to evolve.

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