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Percona Toolkit

Percona Toolkit is a collection of advanced open source command-line tools, developed and used by the Percona technical staff, that are engineered to perform a variety of MongoDB and MySQL server and system tasks that are too difficult or complex to perform manually. With over 1,500,000+ downloads, Percona Toolkit supports Percona Server for MySQL, MySQL, MariaDB®, Percona Server for MongoDB and MongoDB.

Hany Fahim,co-Founder and CEO of VM Farms

“Percona Toolkit allows our large, transaction-based customers to make regular schema changes as their business evolves without interrupting their 24X7 operations.”

Database Tools are a Vital Part of Any Deployment

Percona Toolkit provides:

  • Open source command-line tools
  • Increased productivity for DBAs and developers
  • Lower training costs with faster onboarding for DBAs
  • Reduced operational complexity
  • Customizable tools for specific use cases

With over 4,000 tests and several years of deployment, Percona Toolkit enables you to:

  • Verify MySQL replication integrity by checking master and replica data consistency
  • Efficiently archive rows
  • Find duplicate indexes
  • Summarize MySQL and MongoDB servers
  • Analyze MySQL queries from logs and tcpdump
  • Analyze MongoDB query profiler
  • Collect vital system information when problems occur
  • And much, much more!

The following information sources and websites are available for Percona Toolkit:

How Percona Can Help

Percona Consulting can assess your current deployment and help you understand how to use Percona Toolkit to ensure optimal performance. Percona Support can help you use Percona Toolkit and our other free open-source software to ensure your deployment runs as expected. We’re there to help you in a crisis and if you lack the resources to manage your deployment, our Managed Services team can take over the full operation of your servers. To discuss how Percona can help you make your deployment a success, please call us at +1-888-316-9775 (USA), +44 203 608 6727 (Europe), or have us contact you.

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