Database Expertise, Where and When You Need It

Your database performance is crucial to your application performance. You need to make sure that your database environment — MySQL®, MongoDB®, MariaDB®, PostgreSQL, on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment — is optimized for your business-critical applications and websites.

Percona consultants are trusted advisors with decades of experience solving complex database performance issues and design challenges. We provide the best solution for your database environment, without bias, so that you can reach your business objectives.

Examples of our expertise:

  • Layout design and architecture plans for dynamic, data-driven applications
  • Provide deep operational knowledge that ensures uptime and availability
  • Help you realize ROI benefits from the highest levels of database optimization and efficiency
  • Demonstrate best practices for productivity and innovation learned from over 3000 satisfied customers

Knowing Percona’s experts are available for resolving complex challenges gives us complete confidence in our ability to manage all eventualities. So, when in-depth database knowledge is needed, we can turn to the Percona team for their specialist perspective.

Our global open source database experts have worked with the largest companies on the Internet using Percona Server for MySQL, Percona Server for MongoDB, MySQL, Amazon RDS® for MySQL, Amazon Aurora®, Google Cloud® SQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

Our consultants work both remotely and on site. We can also provide full-time or part-time interim staff to cover employee absences or provide extra help on big projects for your business.

See how Percona Consulting helps our customers:

Keep your database live

Optimize your database to maximize application performance

Percona Consultants can improve application performance by maximizing database performance. Our consultants helped Comperio make sure their applications could handle new traffic workloads by improving their open source database configuration.

Percona consulting helped us get our architecture running smoothly. We know that any database issues we encounter will be handled immediately, quickly and with the best solution. Percona experts have the knowledge and experience to handle any database challenge.

Keep your database live

Troubleshoot and diagnose performance problems

Percona consultants will quickly locate data issues and recommend solutions so that your DBAs can focus on your business goals, not handling emergencies. See how we helped Moz locate bottlenecks that affected the user experience.

Providing our customers with current and relevant data that is accurate and up-to-date is the only way to stay relevant in our business. Our databases have to be always available. Percona’s expertise in database architecture for both MySQL and MongoDB allowed us to implement the best failover solution, and provided us with a way to continually monitor our environment.

Keep your database live

Recommend architecture and design improvements

Percona consulting provides design recommendations for performance, availability, functionality, resilience, and future capacity. Check out how we handled Lookout’s AWS deployment and saved them half a million dollars a year.

Combining Percona Managed Services with Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora enabled Lookout to shift its focus away from maintaining servers and worrying about data replication, towards delivering new features and capabilities to its customers.

Keep your database live

Ensure application availability

Percona consulting experts can transform your database into an always on, always available business asset – on premise, or in the cloud. See how we helped Alkemics meet their uptime needs even as they doubled their customer base.

Our clients … need our data services to better reach their customers and take advantage of sales opportunities. A performant and available database is crucial to our business, especially as we grow and take on new clients and markets. With Percona’s help, we were able to ensure an optimized database that meets our customers’ needs.

Keep your database live

Update current software or migrate to new software or platforms

Percona consultants can help upgrade and migrate your systems and data with the least amount of effort, risk and cost. See how move AGENT511 full system from the cloud to on premise to meet the requirements of a huge North American East Coast metropolitan city.

Our engagement with a large North American municipality … required a functional and performant database back-end that had dependable availability and uptime as a prequisite. Percona Consulting helped us set up what was normally a cloud environment on-premise…