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MariaDB Sessions at Percona Live Europe 2016

 | September 23, 2016 |  Posted In: MariaDB, Percona Live


Percona Live EuropeIf you’re going to Percona Live Europe Amsterdam 2016, and are specifically interested in MariaDB-related technologies, there are many talks for you to attend.

On Tutorial Monday, you will want to attend my tutorial The Complete MariaDB Server Tutorial. In those three hours, you’ll learn about all the differences that MariaDB Server has to offer in comparison to MySQL. Where there is feature parity, I’ll point out some syntax differences. This is a semi-hands-on tutorial as the feature scope would make fully hands-on impossible!

On Tuesday, my session picks include:
  • Common Table Expressions in MariaDB Server 10.2. You’ll get to learn from the very people implementing it, Sergei Petrunia (rockstar optimizer developer, and MyRocks hacker), and Galina Shalygina (a Google Summer of Code 2016 student who also helped develop it).
  • Percona XtraDB 5.7: Key Performance Algorithms. It is safe to presume that MariaDB Server 10.2 needs to include Percona XtraDB 5.7. Percona XtraDB has been the default storage engine for MariaDB Server since forever. In fact, MDEV-6113 suggests this will be available in the yet unreleased MariaDB Server 10.2.2. Learn why Percona XtraDB matters from Laurynas Biveinis, the Team Lead for Percona Server.
  • MySQL/MariaDB Parallel Replication: inventory, use-cases and limitations. Jean-François Gagné is the expert on parallel replication, not only from a usage and benchmarking perspective, but also from a feature request standpoint. I highly recommend attending this talk if you care about parallel replication. It will be packed!
On Wednesday, my session picks include:

So those are my Percona Live Europe picks that focus on the MariaDB ecosystem. Notably absent though is more MariaDB MaxScale content from the authors of the application. And what about MariaDB ColumnStore?

There is of course, still time to register. Use the FeaturedTalk code to get a discount.

Colin Charles

Colin Charles is the Chief Evangelist at Percona. He was previously on the founding team for MariaDB Server in 2009, worked in MySQL since 2005, and been a MySQL user since 2000. Before joining MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora and projects. He's well known within many open source communities, and has spoken on the conference circuit.

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  • Thanks for this blog post, this is a good overview of MariaDB talks at PLAM16.

    In the schedule all talks are tagged “MySQL”, “MongoDB”, “Postgresql” and “other” at Could you please also add a MariaDB tag so that it is easy for participants to list them? I imagine not everybody finding this blog post.

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