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Getting Started with MongoDB in OpenShift Using the Percona Server for MongoDB Kubernetes Operator

MongoDB in OpenShift

Kubernetes has become an integral part of many architectures and has continued to rise in popularity.  Kubernetes is an open source platform for managing containerized workloads and services.  One approach to running Kubernetes is Redhat’s OpenShift.  OpenShift is RedHat’s name for its family of containerization products.  The main part of OpenShift and the product […]

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Drain Kubernetes Nodes… Wisely

Drain Kubernetes Nodes Wisely

What is Node Draining?
Anyone who ever worked with containers knows how ephemeral they are. In Kubernetes, not only can containers and pods be replaced, but the nodes as well. Nodes in Kubernetes are VMs, servers, and other entities with computational power where pods and containers run.
Node draining is the mechanism that allows users to […]

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The MySQL Clone Wars: Plugin vs. Percona XtraBackup

MySQL Plugin vs. Percona XtraBackup

Large replication topologies are quite common nowadays, and this kind of architecture often requires a quick method to rebuild a replica from another server.
The Clone Plugin, available since MySQL 8.0.17, is a great feature that allows cloning databases out of the box. It is easy to rebuild a replica or to add new nodes […]

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pg_stat_monitor: A New Way Of Looking At PostgreSQL Metrics

Percona pg_stat_monitor

Enter pg_stat_monitor: this extension, created here at Percona, has been developed as an advanced replacement of pg_stat_statement, providing new capabilities in addition to the standard fare.
As you may recall, PostgreSQL’s pg_stat_statements extension provides a means of tracking execution statistics of all SQL statements executed by the server. But sometimes just having the basics is […]

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Updates to Percona XtraDB Cluster, New Features in Percona Toolkit 3.3.0: Release Roundup January 18, 2021

Percona Release Jan 18 2021

It’s release roundup time here at Percona!
Our Release Roundups showcase the latest Percona software updates, tools, and features to help you manage and deploy our software. It offers highlights and critical information, as well as links to the full release notes and direct links to the software or service itself to download.
Today’s post includes […]

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