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How to Install ProxySQL From the Percona Repository

install proxysql percona repository

This article describes how to install ProxySQL from the Percona Software Repositories.
Percona Software Repositories contain a ProxySQL version that has passed rigorous Percona tests and is known to be compatible with other Percona Software. We recommend using those builds whenever you’re running ProxySQL with Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, MySQL, or MariaDB.
To […]

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Percona Monitoring and Management: Data Collection Practices

percona monitoring management data collection

Last month, our new Director of Product wrote a blog about all the cool things she learned about how we track Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) adoption and even went into what conclusions we can draw from that.  As you can imagine, I was excited she geeked out on what little data we gather […]

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Introducing the LDAP Authentication Plugin in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.19

LDAP Authentication Percona Server MySQL

Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.19 includes the experimental simple LDAP authentication plugin, which allows for direct authentication using an LDAP server. Similarly to the data masking plugin added in 8.0.18, this plugin was also added as a community contribution from Francisco Miguel Biete.
Authenticating with LDAP
In earlier versions, Percona Server for MySQL supported the built-in […]

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Percona DBaaS CLI to Simplify Deployment in Kubernetes

Percona DBaaS CLI Kubernetes

We recently released an experimental version of percona-dbaas command-line tool with the goal of significantly simplifying the deployment of database instances in Kubernetes.
We have Kubernetes Operators for Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona Server for MongoDB, which provide great flexibility, but they also come with the complexity of managing configuration and deployment files, so we […]

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Tips for MySQL 5.7 Database Tuning and Performance

MySQL 5.7 Database Tuning

While there is no magic bullet for MySQL 5.7 database tuning, there are a few areas that can be focused on upfront that can dramatically improve the performance of your MySQL installation. While much information has been published on this topic over the years, I wanted to break down some of the more critical […]

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