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Percona Live Europe Featured Talks: NoSQL Best Practices for PostgreSQL with Dmitry Dolgov

 | September 7, 2017 |  Posted In: JSON, MySQL, Percona Live, PostgreSQL

Colin Charles

Welcome to another post in our series of interview blogs for the upcoming Percona Live Europe 2017 in Dublin. This series highlights a number of talks that will be at the conference and gives a short preview of what attendees can expect to learn from the presenter. This blog post is with Dmitry Dolgov, a […]

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This Week in Data with Colin Charles #3: More Percona Live Europe!

 | August 25, 2017 |  Posted In: MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, MySQL 8.0, open source databases, Percona Live, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, ProxySQL

Colin Charles

Join Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database community. We are five weeks out to the conference! The tutorials and the sessions have been released, and there’s an added bonus – you can now look at all this in a grid view: tutorials, day […]

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Webinar Thursday, June 15, 2017: Demystifying Postgres Logical Replication

 | June 13, 2017 |  Posted In: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Replication, Technical Webinars

Postgres Logical Replication

Join Percona’s Senior Technical Services Engineer Emanuel Calvo as he presents Demystifying Postgres Logical Replication on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT (UTC-7). Register Now The Postgres logical decoding feature was added in version 9.4, and thankfully it is continuously improving due to the vibrant open source community. In this […]

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Percona Live 2017: Designing your SaaS Database for Scale with Postgres

 | April 25, 2017 |  Posted In: Cloud and MySQL, MySQL, Percona Live, PostgreSQL


The Percona Live Open Source Data Conference 2017 day one is rolling right along, and we’re already in the afternoon sessions. In this blog, we’ll look at Citus Data’s presentation on how to design your SaaS database to scale with Postgres. If you’re building a SaaS application, you probably already have the notion of tenancy […]

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