Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11 (Beta) Is Now Available

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11

Percona is excited to announce the beta release of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11 on August 19, 2019. This release signifies a change in Percona’s software release process. In order to provide a full-featured and holistic solution, we are introducing a product distribution: a database product and tools that enable solving essential practical tasks […]

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A Faster, Lightweight Trigger Function in C for PostgreSQL

Trigger Function in C for PostgreSQL

We have been writing blog posts about how to write simple extensions in C language and a little more complex one by Ibrar which were well received by PostgreSQL user community. Then we observed that many PostgreSQL users create simple triggers for small auditing requirements, and then feel the pain of trigger on transactions. […]

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PostgreSQL: Simple C extension Development for a Novice User (and Performance Advantages)

PostegreSQL simple C extension development

One of the great features of PostgreSQL is its extendability. My colleague and senior PostgreSQL developer Ibar has blogged about developing an extension with much broader capabilities including callback functionality. But in this blog post, I am trying to address a complete novice user who has never tried but wants to develop a simple […]

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Using plpgsql_check to Find Compilation Errors and Profile Functions


There is always a need for profiling tools in databases for admins or developers. While it is easy to understand the point where an SQL is spending more time using
EXPLAIN ANALYZE in PostgreSQL, the same would not work for functions. Recently, Jobin has published a blog post where he demonstrated how […]

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