Q & A on Webinar “How Safe is Asynchronous Master-Master Setup in MySQL?”

Q&A Followup

First I want to thank everyone who attended my May 21, 2020 webinar “How Safe is Asynchronous Master-Master Setup in MySQL?“. Recording and slides are available on the webinar page.
Here are answers to the questions from participants which I was not able to provide during the webinar.
Q: What do you generally think of hosting […]

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Improving MySQL Password Security with Validation Plugin

MySQL Password Security Plugin

In systems nowadays, improving security is a must! One of the weakest links in the security system is the user password from where an attacker can enter. In order to improve password strength and security, MySQL provides a plugin called “Validation plugin” which can be configured to enforce a set of rules for passwords.
The […]

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SQL Query Formatting Tools Used At Percona

SQL Query Formatting Tools

Percona engineers often need to analyze and review complex SQL database queries. Good formatting can make these SQL queries much easier to understand and work with. Without clear formatting, queries can become confusing and hard to debug.
Online query formatting services provide one set of solutions. Examples are Code Beautify, FreeFormatter, and However, many […]

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Setting Up a MySQL and Orchestrator Docker Environment

MySQL and Orchestrator

In a previous post, Using DBdeployer to manage MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB sandboxes, we covered how we use DBdeployer within the Support Team to easily create MySQL environments for testing purposes. Here, I will expand on what Peter wrote in Installing MySQL with Docker, to create environments with more than one node. In […]

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Webinar June 10: Using eBPF for Linux Performance Analyses

Using eBPF for Linux Performance Analyses

Join Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona, as he discusses eBFT. eBPF is one of the most powerful instrumentation frameworks in modern Linux Kernel. In this presentation, we will cover eBPF basics as well as usage of Interactive eBPF tools, showing practical examples when and how they can help to resolve performance problems. Finally, we […]

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