More enterprises rely on MySQL® performance, resilience and security to power the applications and websites that make achieving their business goals possible.

Percona Server for MySQL® is a free, fully compatible, enhanced and open source drop-in replacement for any MySQL database. It provides superior performance, scalability and instrumentation.

Percona Server for MySQL is trusted by thousands of enterprises to provide better performance and concurrency for their most demanding workloads, and delivers greater value to MySQL server users with optimized performance, greater performance scalability and availability, enhanced backups and increased visibility.

Originally, we used MariaDB to deliver v1 of MySQL for PCF, but found that for v2 Percona Server for MySQL remains more in line with Oracle’s delivery. Combined with the ability to provide responsive, knowledgeable support, we found Percona to be a better fit for our customer’s needs.

Supported by Percona Experts

Whether you’re running Percona Server for MySQL, MySQL Enterprise Edition, MySQL Community Edition, or some other MySQL fork, Percona offers a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective support, managed service or consulting plan to help your organization’s MySQL deployment succeed

Enterprise-Grade Features for Free

Percona Server for MySQL delivers extremely high-performance and reliability to more of the enterprises that drive businesses online.

Keep your database live

Works on-premises and in the cloud

Percona Server for MySQL is fully compatible with today’s cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others, fully deployed in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.

Keep your database live

Enterprise ready

Percona Server for MySQL includes advanced, fully-enabled external authentication, audit logging and threadpool scalability features that are only available in Oracle’s commercial MySQL Enterprise Edition.

Keep your database live

SaaS deployable

Increases flexibility for architectures such as co-located databases with hundreds of thousands of tables and heterogeneous backup and retention policies.

Keep your database live

Vertical scalability and server consolidation

Scales to over 48 CPU cores, with the ability to achieve hundreds of thousands of I/O operations per second on high-end solid-state hardware.

Keep your database live

Deep visibility into database performance

Detailed query logging with per-query statistics about locking, I/O and query plan, as well as performance and access counters per-table, per-index, per-user and per-host.

Percona Server for MySQL provides:

  • Faster and more consistently run queries
  • Enhanced security with binary log (binlog) encryption and data-at-rest encryption
  • Improved efficiency with server consolidation
  • Delayed or completely avoided sharding
  • Better ROI through lower hosting fees and power usage
  • Percona Server for MySQL
  • Cloud-ready support

Percona Software Platform Solution

Percona Server for MySQL is part of a complete, integrated suite of Percona database solutions that provide better performance, reliability, diagnostics and lowers the total cost of ownership when used together. The Percona Software Platform and includes true non-blocking online backups, tight compression of data and extended instrumentation and tooling for quick diagnosis and resolution of issues.