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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Using SPIDER for sharding in production

Using SPIDER for sharding in production

 5 October 5:25 PM - 6:15 PM @ St. Gallen
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50 minutes conference
Tools and Techniques


When your database is growing, you definitely need to think about other techniques like database sharding. SPIDER is a MariaDB Server / MySQL storage engine for database sharding. Using SPIDER, you can access your data efficiently across multiple database backends. In this time we will introduce the following things. 1. why SPIDER? what SPIDER can do for you? 2. when SPIDER is right for you? what cases should you use SPIDER? 3. how long is SPIDER used in the big environment? 4. SPIDER sharding architecture 5. how to get SPIDER working? 6. multi dimenstional sharding technique with VP storage engine 7. roadmap of SPIDER 8. where to get SPIDER (with VP)


VAROQUI Stephane's picture

VAROQUI Stephane

Principal Consultant, MariaDB Corporation


Stephane Varoqui (svar) is a friendly MariaDB Consultant, mainly in French speaking areas. Stephane originally started working at MySQL in 2005. In life and at work being a good dolphin and see lion he likes deep dives into his preferred topics: optimizer, compression, high availability.

Kayoko GOTO

Director, Spider Mroonga Storage Engine


Kentoku SHIBA

CEO, Spiral Arms., Ltd


Kentoku SHIBA, CEO Spiral Arms., Ltd also Storage Engine Developer. His main works are creating and improving Spider Storage Engine for database sharding, Vertical Partitioning Storage Engine for column base table partitioning. And also he is a developer of "Mroonga Storage Engine" for fast full-text searching especially for CJK languages. He has experience interacting with the MySQL RDBMS as a developer, administrator, and sometimes also application developer. He has deployed MySQL in a variety of different environments, including corporate intranets, high-traffic web sites, and mission-critical applications, and is a vocal advocate of MySQL in his role as a software consultant. All his experiences have got involve to focus on developing his Spider. He has focus on both MariaDB and MySQL. Recently, his storage engine Spider has bundle on MariaDB 10.0.

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