Your database stores your most valuable information. The native high-availability provided by replication in MongoDB protects against hardware failure, but a way to rewind time to before a bug destroys data is an essential requirement.

Introducing Percona Backup for MongoDB

The first version of a backup utility custom-built by Percona to help solve the needs of customers and users who don’t want to pay for proprietary software like MongoDB Enterprise and Ops Manager but want a fully-supported community backup tool that can perform cluster-wide consistent backups in MongoDB.

Designed for Ease and Performance

Percona Backup for MongoDB is designed to give you an easy command-line interface to perform a consistent backup/restore of both clusters and non-sharded replica sets. It uses S3 (or S3-compatible) object storage for the remote store. V1 can improve your cluster consistency guarantee compared to the filesystem snapshot or mongodump method while saving you time and effort.

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