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Percona Live 2016: MySQL and Docker Strategies

 | April 20, 2016 |  Posted In: Docker, Percona Live


The afternoon sessions at Percona Live 2016 are just as intriguing as the morning sessions. I’m trying to hit as many as I can, especially talks on interesting and upcoming technologies that are improving deployments and manageability. One of the talks I saw in this vein was MySQL and Docker Strategies, given by Patrick Galbraith, Senior Systems Engineer at Hewlett Packard, and Giuseppe Maxia, Quality Assurance Director at VMware.

Docker is a great new project for managing containers. Containers provide operating system resource isolation and allocation benefits as virtual machines, yet are more lightweight and allow you a lot of flexibility in how you can design your application and database architecture. This talk covered many of the useful things one can do with Docker and MySQL, such as:

  • Build ready-to-launch containers that are “batteries included” MySQL servers
  • Backup and restore MySQL databases using a container strategy that allows both containers and host systems access to the same data
  • Network containers across hosts
  • Implement container clustering solutions such as CoreOS, Kubernetes, and Mesos and how each of these solutions solves a similar requirement
  • Automate containerized MySQL using Ansible

Patrick and Giuseppe also provided summary details and a demonstration of their recent contribution to Kubernetes (a Galera cluster application), which showed how one can have a quickly deployable MySQL synchronous replication cluster in minutes and use it with other Kubernetes applications.

I had a chance to speak with Giuseppe after the talk:



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