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Ensure Your Database Infrastructure Supports New Year Revenue Goals

2020 Revenue Goals

Technology is the great enabler for all modern business growth, and databases of some sort or another underpin all modern business technology. Database technology is the infrastructure upon which modern applications and businesses are built. This is no different than what has occurred in the past with other technologies. For example, new methods of […]

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Spooktacularly Scary Database Stories

scary database stories

The nights are lengthening and the spookiest day of the year is nearly upon us, Halloween! In the spirit of the holiday, we asked our team to share their scariest tales of database dread, blood-curdling BIOS failures, and dastardly data destruction, and some of the responses are downright chilling.
Grab some candy and check out […]

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Column Histograms on Percona Server and MySQL 8.0

MySQL Column HIstorgrams

From time to time you may have experienced that MySQL was not able to find the best execution plan for a query. You felt the query should have been faster. You felt that something didn’t work, but you didn’t realize exactly what.
Maybe some of you did tests and discovered there was a better execution […]

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