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The State of the Open Source Database Industry in 2020: Part One

state of open source part one

A four-part blog series by Matt Yonkovit, Percona Chief Experience Officer.
Baseline Data and the Size of the Market
Over the last few years, we have seen some drastic changes in both the database and the open source industry. We have seen the proliferation of open source databases, we have seen the impact of the cloud, […]

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Introducing Metabase, a Simple and Powerful Analytics Tool


Recently I was looking for some simple way to analyze and create graphs from data stored in MySQL tables. I know Grafana can also plot graphs from MySQL tables, but somehow it felt like overkill and you are not using the traditional SQL syntax there. So I was searching for another solution, and it […]

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#PerconaChat — 5 Essential Practices for Remote Working


Percona recently hosted a #PerconaChat to discuss and share some of the things we find most essential to be successful while working remotely. Even before the viral outbreak, Percona was an almost 100% remote company, so it was great to be able to impart some of our learnings.
David Busby — Information Security Analyst, Percona, […]

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Share Your Database Market Insight in Our 2020 Open Source Database Survey

Percona Open Source Survey 2020

Share your knowledge and experience to help inform the open source community!
In 2019, we ran our first ever Open Source Data Management Software Survey, resulting in some interesting data on the state of the open source database market.
Some notable statistics included:

90% of survey respondents use more than one database technology in their work environment […]

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