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Can Open Source Software Save You From Vendor Lock-in?

avoid vendor lock in open source

What is Vendor Lock-In?
When a company becomes too reliant upon a single vendor or solution, they can find themselves victims of vendor lock-in.
Vendor lock-in is a common problem for companies that use proprietary software, databases, or platforms. Issues arise when businesses find themselves unable to move to an alternative vendor without substantial expense or […]

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MongoDB: Why Pay for Enterprise When Open Source Has You Covered?

alternatives to paying a MongoDB

When Percona first published the blog MongoDB Security: Why Pay for Enterprise when Open Source Has You Covered? , I constantly referenced it. Comparing MongoDB Enterprise to Percona Server for MongoDB has become such a common topic for discussion with Percona’s current and future customers that the information contained in that blog is ingrained in my […]

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FOSDEM 2020 Program: Come Meet the Team

fosdem percona

One of our favorite events in Europe every year is FOSDEM. The open source community hosts this free event each year in Brussels over the first weekend of February. Over 8,000 open source enthusiasts gather on the campus of Université Libre de Bruxelles to enjoy a stunning array of talks.
Catch Percona’s Team in Action
We’re […]

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Blog Poll: What is the Root Cause of Most of Your Database-Related Issues?

Blog Poll Root Cause

New Year, New Blog Poll! To start off 2020, we’re interested in learning about the causes of your database issues. Is it workload, expected or unexpected? How about 3rd party provider problems?  So here’s the question: What is the root cause of most of your database-related issues?
Last year, we asked you a few questions […]

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Seriously Inconsistent Table Information in MySQL 8.0 Information_Schema

In MySQL 8, Information Schema was basically re-written to utilize the all-New Data Dictionary which made it faster and better in many ways. Yet it also introduces some very counterintuitive behaviors when it comes to how actual and consistent data is.
Here is a simple test.  Let’s create a table and insert a bunch of […]

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