We regularly benchmark Percona Server to help identify performance bottlenecks and validate the results of changes to software. We design ethical, apples-to-apples benchmarks that are as relevant as possible to real-world use cases.

MySQL® 5.6.14 versus Percona Server 5.6.13

October 2013 Vadim Tkachenko benchmarked MySQL 5.6.14 against Percona Server 5.6.13 using a sysbench OLTP read-write workload with pareto distribution. The dataset used for the tests is 32 tables, 10mln rows each, which totals about ~77GB of data. Our interest is in testing intensive IO-bound workload, so the buffer_pool size is 25GB and we ran the load in 250 user threads.

Key Results:

  • Percona Server is significantly more stable than MySQL in maintaining high throughput after 4 minutes of load and beyond
  • Percona Server delivers low latency and more consistency than MySQL after 4 minutes of load and beyond

MySQL 5.5.8 versus Percona Server 5.5.7

December 2010 Vadim Tkachenko benchmarked MySQL 5.5.8, the newest high-performance release from Oracle, against Percona Server 5.5.7 beta in an OLTP workload similar to TPC-C.

Key Results:

  • Percona Server is more than 40% faster than MySQL in overall throughput
  • Percona Server performance remains more stable over time than MySQL, which still experiences sharp drops in throughput due to checkpointing activity

Benchmark Results

MySQL 5.1.42 with InnoDB, InnoDB Plugin, and XtraDB on FusionIO

January 2010 Vadim Tkachenko benchmarked the standard InnoDB that ships with MySQL 5.1, the newer InnoDB Plugin, and XtraDB in a workload similar to TPC-C on fast FusionIO storage devices.

Key Results:

  • Standard InnoDB achieves 9.4k new-order transactions per minute, InnoDB plugin reaches 15.3k, and XtraDB reaches 26.1k. On this benchmark, XtraDB is up to 275% faster than InnoDB
  • There is still heavy mutex contention, and much more improvement is possible even in XtraDB

Benchmark Results

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