About the Company

Peak is a global technology company with a focus on designing and developing a range of online mobile games. They are growing in the gaming sphere and also expanding into other areas of technology. Peak pride themselves on placing progress, learning and becoming a better team at the heart of their decision making.

The Challenge

Peak’s application data is crucial, forming the core of their products. As a company offering online games, downtime has a huge negative effect on their users negatively. It is business critical that Peak ensure their databases are always up and running, with valid, working backups.

As this data is always growing Peak must be efficient and ensure costs do not spiral out of control. They need to ensure that their databases are fully optimized, making improvements to keep them running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

The Solution

Peak wanted to ensuring database performance and identify and solving bottlenecks and issues. They needed to ensure their data pipelines were properly maintained and improved. They also wanted to put in place automatized backup and verification for each backup. It was crucial that they continued to improve their environment on an on-going basis.

In order to resolved these issues, as well as adopting Percona Server for MySQL, Peak engaged Percona to help them maintain and optimize their environment. This has resulted in better utilization of their instances and potential cost reductions.

Percona provides a wide range of engineers who offer expert advice and practical assistance across many different areas. Peak uses Percona to investigate every schema change to ensure these are set-up based on best practices and will perform efficiently. During outages or issues Percona engineers are actively engaged in analyzing and fixing problems, following up by recommending improvements to the environment afterwards to avoid repeat issues.

Working with Percona

Peak have an excellent relationship with Percona, considering them one of the leading database consultancy companies on the market. They trust Percona to help with any database challenges that arise. Peak and Percona have regular calls to discuss and align the status of issues and discuss further steps, and Percona are always flexible in order to meet Peak’s needs and timelines. Peak relies on Percona to deliver when needed.

Working with Percona has helped Peak to maintain and improve our Database pipelines, keeping millions of daily active users enjoying a fast, uninterrupted, gaming experience.

Krisztian Banhidy, Senior DevOps Engineer, Peak

Percona provides Managed Database Services and Percona Server for MySQL to optimize database efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime. This allows Peak to:

  • Capitalize on recommendations and reviews to optimize their MySQL settings.
  • Adopt new schema changes so queries are more efficient, leading to more stable feature rollouts.
  • Despite growing data, make improvements that lower instance types, achieving cost savings.