More enterprises rely on MongoDB® performance, resilience, and security to power the applications and websites that make achieving their business goals possible.

Percona Server for MongoDB is our free and open-source drop-in replacement for MongoDB Community Edition. It offers all the features and benefits of MongoDB Community Edition, plus additional enterprise-grade functionality.

With over 400,000+ downloads, Percona Server for MongoDB delivers extremely high-performance and reliability to more of the enterprises that drive business online.

Supported by Percona Experts

Whether you’re running Percona Server for MongoDB, MongoDB Community Edition, or MongoDB Atlas, Percona offers a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective support plan to help your organization’s MongoDB deployment succeed

Enterprise-Grade Features for Free

MongoDB Community Edition is at the core of Percona Server for MongoDB, so it automatically includes native high availability, a flexible data schema, and the familiarity of JSON documents. But Percona Server for MongoDB doesn’t stop there:

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Works on-premises and in the cloud

Percona Server for MongoDB is fully compatible with today’s cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and others, fully deployed in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.

Keep your database live

Enterprise ready

Percona Server for MongoDB includes all the features of MongoDB Community Edition, plus several Enterprise Edition features as well – all included with our free, open source software.

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Advanced security and compliance

Percona Server for MongoDB uses Enterprise Edition security and features such as LDAP authentication and database auditing and log redaction.

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Multi-Document ACID Transactions

Transactions provide data consistency, by guaranteeing that a transaction cannot be read until it has been successfully committed across all nodes of a replica set.

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Hot backups

Percona Server for MongoDB includes an integrated open-source hot backup system. It creates a physical data backup of a running Percona Server for MongoDB server without notable performance and operating degradation.

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Deep visibility into database performance

Detailed query logging with per-query statistics about locking, I/O, and query plan, as well as performance and access counters per-table, per-index, per-user, and per-host.

Keep your database live

Percona Memory Engine

Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB is an open source in-memory storage engine that ships with Percona Server for MongoDB. It delivers extremely high performance and reduced costs for a variety of use cases.

How Percona Can Help

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