A Percona MySQL Health Audit is an in-depth review of your database master-slave pair. During a MySQL Health Audit we review, document and recommend changes to your full database server stack including hardware, schema, and queries. Our goal is to identify inefficiencies, find problems before they occur, and make sure your database is in the best condition possible to handle future load. When a MySQL Health Audit is purchased as part of a Percona Wellness Plan (Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly), we will compare previous MySQL Health Audits and help you plan for growth and make recommendations on scaling your system based on your expected growth. Contact Sales for information on building a Percona Wellness Plan for your company.

This meets most use cases. If you have more then 1 slave, you may choose which slave you would like to be reviewed with the master. If you want more then a single slave reviewed please contact sales.

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What is Reviewed

  • Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Server Level Metrics & Stats
  • MySQL Configuration
  • MySQL Level Metrics & Stats
  • Database Schema
  • Historical Metrics (when available)
  • Queries Running in the System

Activities Performed During a MySQL Health Audit

  • Target our investigation to your specific workload and challenges
  • Review performance OS and database metrics on a master-slave pair
  • Review your hardware setup and make recommendations on future changes/hardware optimizations
  • Review your OS configuration and make suggestions based on workload
  • Review and make suggestions on your MySQL configuration based on workload
  • Review your database schemas and make suggestions on schema optimizations
  • Review the top queries in the system
  • Make high level suggestions on future architecture and design techniques for your workload
  • Review your replication configuration
  • Provide suggestions on application design techniques based on database findings
  • Conduct a one hour conversation with you on our findings and other general topics
  • Provide a detailed report with all findings

Optional Services

  • Rush Audit
  • Monitoring and Alerting Setup
  • High Availability Analysis
  • One-Time Backup Review
  • Replication Health Check

Note that the list of deliverables may change depending on access, availability, or data restrictions imposed by your organization's internal IT policies.