Komet Sales is a web-based platform with the tools needed to simplify and automate sales, procurement and logistics processes of companies from the floral industry.

The Komet Sales platform supports the industry with procurement, inventory management, business-to-business sales, e-commerce and business intelligence features, and uses MySQL databases on the Amazon RDS platform.

Komet Sales engaged Percona to:

  • Provide support and technical advice to their application development team
  • Significantly improve transaction times to the advantage of their customers in B2B processes
  • Supply expertise and back up to the Komet Sales team to mitigate against any risk of database failure

We have access to the expertise of top-of-the-line DBAs at a fraction of the cost that we’d have to pay for those skills in the marketplace – freelance or employee – and that’s a great opportunity. Providing an eager-to-learn and highly competent engineer with access to an expert from Percona - that’s when sparks really start to fly. Everyone wins! For a small business that’s a huge value proposition.

Alejandro Pérez Chief Happiness Officer and CEO, Komet Sales