Custom scripts for efficient, repeatable and reliable processes

A lot goes into setting up and managing an environment for high-performance MySQL®, MariaDB®, MongoDB®, PostgreSQL® and other open source database environment. Even so, there are many common and repeatable tasks that lend themselves to automation.

The problem, however, is that most developers and many DBA’s don’t have a lot experience writing scripts that are well-designed, reliable and secure. The result is that developers end up greatly underestimating the time and effort to write and troubleshoot scripts. In many cases productivity is lost when the whole point was to automate certain activities to save time. That’s where we come in.

Percona’s Server and Database Automation service can build high-quality, elegant and secure scripts that will save you time, effort and money. Our team has years of experience building scripts, from the most common to the extremely complex ─ which means your team does not have to struggle with unfamiliar challenges and can focus on core tasks.

While scripts can automate practically any administrative task, typical scripts allow automation for:

  • Setting up slave servers
  • Setting up server clusters
  • Spinning up new servers
  • Moving data from production to development servers (and back)

Using scripts saves time, and with Percona’s Server and Database Automation service, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

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How Percona Can Help

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