A Tailored Migration Solution for Companies Moving from Proprietary Software to Open Source

Percona Open Source Advance (POSA) is a consulting-led solution which assesses your existing proprietary database architecture and helps you migrate to the most suitable free open source software available.

Many companies are unhappy with their existing proprietary software and software vendors:

  • Customers are locked-in to their vendor
  • Support costs are often extortionate with few available alternatives
  • Annual license fees can be very expensive
  • There is a lack of flexibility as companies cannot embrace new systems or cloud-opportunities (other than those provided by their vendor)

POSA helps you move away from proprietary software and allows you to explore a new world of open source software alternatives.

In your journey to open source, we will be a trusted and unbiased advisor, working closely with you throughout the entire migration process. We will conduct a thorough review of your existing systems and requirements to ensure a smooth and trouble-free migration, with minimal pain and impact on your users/systems.

Please download our new solution brief to find out how you can free yourself from vendor lock-in and realize substantial annual cost savings.

Percona has extensive experience advising companies on the best way to configure, manage, and run their databases. Contact us to discuss how you can stay at the forefront of technology innovation, and benefit from the efficiencies and opportunities that open source software brings.