Data Performance Architecture: The Big Picture

High performance data takes more than getting the server right

Percona’s Database Architecture and Design Service is designed with the big picture in mind to make sure that your data is built on a solid foundation that will meet high performance demands and stand the test of time. This service begins with a full analysis of your database, your applications and the surrounding infrastructure.

Based on that evaluation we will provide design recommendations that take into account performance, availability, functionality, resilience, and future capacity. Our technical consultants will look at your network capacity and topology, and make specific recommendations that will enhance data flow.

Our experts will also help you:

  • Choose the right size for your hardware, servers, and virtualization platform (and potentially save you a lot of money in the process)
  • Decide between microservices architecture and service-oriented architecture
  • Document the right software system (data model, entity-relationship diagram, users etc.)
  • Help scale the application beyond just the database by choosing the right software components to meet your customer’s needs
  • Help design the backend for new or reworked applications that ensures great data performance
  • Automate various components of the infrastructure (devops, config management, orchestration, etc.)
  • Find bottlenecks and speed bumps in all components of your infrastructure that are impacting performance

Only by looking at the big picture and making sure that all the related parts are optimized can you ensure the best data performance under any condition and over time. Percona’s Database Architecture and Design Services will help you move beyond the conceptual schema for your data warehouse.

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How Percona Can Help

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