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Database High Availability

Keep your business online – all the time

As data becomes a crucial component of business success, organizations are finding that they require highly available databases that can accommodate rapid growth while delivering maximum uptime. Every minute of unplanned downtime impacts your revenue and reputation, resulting in unsatisfied customers and a decline in market share. Data must be available at all times. Whether your database is on premises or in public or private clouds, it’s critical that your database deployment does not have a potentially devastating single point of failure.

High Availability

Integrated, robust and resilient database high availability (HA) capabilities help you reduce downtime and avoid tradeoffs between performance and availability. A highly available database is not a “nice to have” – it’s an absolute must. To succeed your business and your data needs to be online 24x7x365.

Unfortunately, setting up a highly available clustered database can be a difficult and expensive proposition. As a result, some companies risk disaster. There’s a better way.

With Percona’s HA expertise, you can transform your database into an always on, always available business asset. Whether your servers are on premises or in the cloud, you can sleep well knowing that your data is safe.

  • Performance – Percona's experts can tune and optimize your high-performance database infrastructures and help design systems that scale to accommodate new features and future growth.
  • Risk Management – Percona’s architecture consultants can design, deploy and support a database infrastructure that meets your business and application requirements, ensures performance and avoids outages.
  • Affordability – Percona’s simple contracts and flexible pricing lowers your TCO by combining your high availability and clustering needs with a single, enterprise-class vendor.

Our services include installation, configuration, testing and benchmarking of clustering and backup solutions

  • Achieve disaster recovery with minimal data loss (backup solutions, automatic failover, etc.)
  • Increase productivity by dramatically reducing downtime
  • Eliminate traditional compromises
  • Enhance reliable access to your data in the cloud

Database High Availability solutions are one way of ensuring an available and fault-tolerant database. Percona’s experts can get you there.

Percona has significant experience helping clients evaluate their database high availability needs, reviewing the available options, and implementing a solution which fit both their current and future needs at a price that will save you as much as $100,000. Set up a high-availability cluster for your critical MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL open source database, business applications, and more today.

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