Aug 29, 2019
 Percona Technical Webinars
  Vinodh Krishnaswamy

MongoDB Sharded Cluster is very well established to handle huge amounts of data across geographically separate data centers. Sharding the data across the shards evenly or specific to region/data centers based on the application requests are important. But sometimes the sharded cluster setup is not well designed, which leads to data being distributed improperly across shards so the application fails to serve the request within the desired turnaround time. Also HA design within Sharded Cluster is equally important to avoid any downtime. In this talk, we will see how to design your Shared Cluster topology + HA to make the most out of it.

About the Author

Vinodh Krishnaswamy

Vinodh Krishnaswamy is a member of Support Team! Prior to joining Percona, he worked as a MySQL and MongoDB DBA in companies such as iGate, Datavail, and Sify Ltd. He is a trainer and has provided training programs on MySQL and MongoDB. He enjoys writing Shell script and loves driving, reading books, and playing table tennis.