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  Wednesday, March 18, 2015    Michael Benshoof

MySQL and Geospatial Programming

This talk serves as both an introduction to the GIS functionality in MySQL and an overview recent changes. Join Percona Sr. Consultant Michael Benshoof as he discusses:

  • The various tasks that deal with geocoding
  • How MySQL can solve problems such as points within a radius (e.g., “Find the 10 closest coffee shops) among others
  • Highlights from some of the new features bundled in the upcoming 5.7 release, and what benefits they can bring to your applications

About the Author

Michael Benshoof

Michael works as a US based consultant. Prior to joining Percona, Michael spent several years in a DevOps role in a company that developed and maintained a SaaS application specializing in social networking. His experiences include application development and scaling, systems administration, along with database administration and design. He enjoys designing extensible and flexible solutions to problems and has a strong background in HA systems. He lives with his family in Norman, Oklahoma. When not working, he enjoys golfing, grilling, watching sports, and spending time with the family.