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Review of Virident FlashMAX MLC cards

 | November 10, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, Hardware and Storage, MySQL

I have been following Virident for a long time (e.g. https://www.percona.com/blog/2010/06/15/virident-tachion-new-player-on-flash-pci-e-cards-market/). They have great PCIe Flash cards based on SLC NAND. I always thought that Virident needed to come up with an MLC card, and I am happy to see they have finally done so. At Virident’s request, I performed an evaluation of their MLC […]

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White Paper: Flashcache and MySQL on Virident drive

 | September 19, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, Hardware and Storage, MySQL

Our latest MySQL white paper is Improving Percona Server performance with Flashcache on the Virident tachIOn Drive. (Virident funded the research, but as always, we wrote the report ourselves.) The conclusion is that Flashcache can be good for read-heavy workloads, but more research is needed to understand its performance characteristics on write-heavy workloads. We explain […]

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Disaster: MySQL 5.5 Flushing

 | September 18, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, Hardware and Storage, MySQL

We raised topic of problems with flushing in InnoDB several times, some links: InnoDB Flushing theory and solutions MySQL 5.5.8 in search of stability This was not often recurring problem so far, however in my recent experiments, I observe it in very simple sysbench workload on hardware which can be considered as typical nowadays.

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Intel 320 SSD read performance

 | July 29, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, Hardware and Storage

(this is cross-post from https://www.percona.com/blog/) While PCI-e Flash cards show great performance, I am often asked about alternatives, as price for PCI-e cards is still significant and not acceptable for small companies and startups. Intel 320 SSD appears to be a popular drive with a quite acceptable price. I wrote about write performance of these […]

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