Keynotes, BOFs, and the Community Networking Reception at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo

The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo begins next Monday and runs April 22-25, 2013. Attendees will see great keynotes from leaders in the industry including representatives from Oracle, Amazon Web Services, HP, Continuent, and Percona. They can also participate in thought provoking Birds of a Feather sessions on Tuesday night and the Wednesday night Community Networking Reception will be fun and entertaining with the presentation of the Community Awards and the Lightning Talks.

If you cannot attend the entire Percona Live MySQL Conference but want to take advantage of the keynotes, BOFs, and Community Networking Reception, I’m pleased to offer a limited number of $5 Expo Only passes. Use discount code “KEY” when registering for the Percona Live MySQL Conference. Hurry, though, as only 100 passes are available at this price! This discount is only available for new ticket purchases. The regular price for Expo Only passes is $50 prior to the conference and $100 onsite.

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I’m personally looking forward to Matt Aslett’s keynote on Thursday morning of the Percona Live MySQL Conference. Matt is the Research Director, Data Management and Analytics for 451 Research. The description for his talk, “The State of the MySQL Ecosystem“, summarizes what we’re all coming to understand:

“It is now over three years since Oracle acquired MySQL along with Sun Microsystems. Fears for the open source database’s survival appear to have been misplaced as Oracle has increased investment in MySQL development. At the same time, a thriving ecosystem of potential alternatives and complementary products has emerged to provide MySQL users with greater choice in terms of both functionality and support. As a result of that choice, we are seeing the increasing independence of the ecosystem of MySQL-related products and services from MySQL itself – both in terms of a commercial product, and also a development project. The continued maturity of vendors such as Percona and SkySQL, as well as the formation of the MariaDB Foundation, has the potential to accelerate that trend. The MySQL ecosystem is far from fragmenting, but 451 Research’s updated survey of database users indicates that the center of gravity has begun to shift towards an increased state of independence.”

Mirroring the growing diversity in the MySQL ecosystem, Percona Live MySQL Conference attendees have an opportunity to hear from a variety of server projects in both the keynotes and breakout sessions including presentations on Oracle MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB during the Percona Live MySQL Conference.

Percona Live MySQL Conference Keynotes




Breakout Sessions on Oracle MySQL

Breakout Sessions on Percona Server and Related Projects

Breakout Sessions on MariaDB

The Percona Live MySQL Conference includes a Diamond Sponsor Keynote panel on Wednesday morning on the “Impact of MySQL 5.6 and its Future in the Cloud”. Moderated by me, the panel will include MySQL industry leaders Simone Brunozzi, senior technology evangelist at Amazon Web Services; Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent; Brian Aker, fellow, HP Cloud Division; and Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO of Percona. The discussion will focus on MySQL 5.6 and how MySQL must evolve if it is to remain competitive in the new world order of the cloud and big data.

If you can join us in Santa Clara for the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo, use discount code “Percona15” to receive 15% off your full conference pass. If you can only make it to the keynotes, BOFs, or Community Networking Reception, use discount code “KEY” for a $5 Expo Only pass. And if you cannot make it this year, watch this blog following the conference and we’ll announce when and where the keynote recordings and breakout session slide decks can be found.

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