MySQL 5.6: What's New in InnoDB

New Features
23 April 4:50pm - 5:40pm @ Ballroom E

The MySQL/InnoDB 5.6 release has many significant improvements and features. With the 5.6 release MySQL/InnoDB:

  • Scales to new levels for both read only and read write loads.
  • Supports online DDL operations, enabling developers to dynamically evolve their schemas by adding and dropping columns, without having to take their databases offline.
  • Supports full text search indexes.
  • Improves the adaptive flushing algorithm.
  • Supports multiple UNDO tablespaces.
  • Supports Export and Import of tablespaces between server instances.
  • Improves support for systems equipped with fast SSD storage • Supports high performance NoSQL direct data access through the Memcached API

In this session users will get the opportunity to learn about the exciting new features and how to use them effectively.


Sunny Bains
Senior Engineering Manager, Oracle
Sunny Bains joined the Oracle/InnoDB team in 2006. He is the author of the Full Text Search and responsible for numerous other optimisations in InnoDB. He currently manages the InnoDB team. He has been writing software for longer than he can remember. Prior to joining InnoDB he wrote a database engine for a distributed database product at his previous employer. The networked database was used in a mission critical environment in the airline industry with very strict service level guarantees.