Keynote: The MySQL Ecosystem and Cloud Computing

25 April 9:50am - 10:35am

The future of the growth of the MySQL ecology and the driver of interesting technical innovation is in cloud computing. One key technology is improved cloud-oriented clustering. The existing public clouds operated by Amazon and by Google recognize the proven value of the MySQL ecosystem by offering MySQL as a managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS). Together, HP and Rackspace, as members of the OpenStack project, are leading the development of open source DBaaS with the Red Dwarf project.



Brian Aker
Fellow, HP Cloud Division
Brian Aker is an HP Fellow in the Cloud Services organization. He is responsible for infrastructure engineering, technical operations and customer satisfaction. Aker is also a core developer and member of the Drizzle Foundation Board. He brings more than 22 years of IT experience to HP and has an extensive background in both technical and business leadership, along with in-depth experience in next generation open source technologies. Prior to joining HP, Aker was a Distinguished Engineer for Sun Microsystems where his team was responsible for the next generation of MySQL and Drizzle. He also led efforts to improve Memcached at Sun. He was co-author for the O’Reilly book on Slashcode, and currently authors and maintains a number of open source projects including Drizzle, Libmemcached and Gearman. Aker has chaired a number of conferences, including the MySQL conference, and is a frequent public speaker.