Storage Engines and other Plugins: What's New?

New Features
25 April 12:50pm - 13:40pm @ Ballroom F

MySQL Plugins are a vital part of the MySQL project. They allow users to extend the database server itself quickly and easily. But the database server is being constantly developed, and the Plugin API is too - new features are being added to it all the time!

In this talk I will talk about newer Plugin API extensions - what was implemented in MySQL and MariaDB in this area, how you can use this in your projects or organizations. You will learn about new plugins and plugin types, API enhancements, plugin-related SQL statements, and other features that makes plugins more powerful, easy, and fun to create and use.


Sergei Golubchik
Board Member, MariaDB Foundation
Sergei was a MySQL developer since 1998. From 1999 to 2009 in MySQL AB, Sun, then in Monty Program AB and SkySQL/MariaDB Corporation on MariaDB. During these years he has touched almost every part of the server. To list a few projects – fulltext search, XA, HANDLER, precision math library, parallel repair and bulk inserts in MyISAM, indexes in MERGE, pluggable authentication, password validation, encryption. Sergei is a primary architect of the plugin API and an author of the “MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development” book. Sergei was the MySQL Security Coordinator during all his time in MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems, and now is doing the same in MariaDB.