Keynote: How MySQL Can Thrive in the World of Massive Data Hype

24 April 9:00am - 9:45am

NoSQL solutions are oversold, but this is no reason for MySQL fans to become complacent. There are new challenges in data management, and relational databases must solve them or risk becoming irrelevant. This keynote will describe our work on Continuent Tungsten to deliver better infrastructure and architecture for MySQL-based systems. We will use our experiences to propose a roadmap for the MySQL community that includes new tools as well as advances needed within the MySQL server itself.



Robert Hodges
Senior Staff Engineer, VMware
Robert Hodges is the former CEO of Continuent, which was acquired by VMWare in late 2014. He works on cloud data management services for VMware’s cloud offering, vCloud Air. Robert has over three decades in the field of databases and has worked with technologies ranging from pre-relational systems to Hadoop and NoSQL. He has a wide range of technical interests and is currently focused on DBMS operation in hybrid clouds.