Keynote: The State of the MySQL Ecosystem

25 April 9:00am - 9:45am

It is now over three years since Oracle acquired MySQL along with Sun Microsystems. Fears for the open source database's survival appear to have been misplaced. Oracle has increased investment in MySQL development, while a thriving ecosystem of potential alternatives and complementary product has emerged. This presentation covers the latest research from 451 Research into the state of the MySQL ecosystem as well as the competitive dynamic between MySQL and existing relational databases, as well as the various emerging NoSQL and NewSQL products, including an updated survey of database users.



Matt Aslett
Research Director, Data Management and Analytics, 451 Research
As research director for data management and analytics within 451 Research's Information Management practice, Matt has overall responsibility for the coverage of operational and analytic databases, data integration, data quality, and business intelligence. Matt's own primary area of focus is on relational and non-relational databases, data warehousing, data caching, and Hadoop. Matt is also an expert in open source software and regularly contributes to 451 Research's open source-related research. Prior to joining The 451 Group, Matt was Deputy Editor of monthly magazine Computer Business Review and ComputerWire's daily news service. Matt started in IT journalism in 1997 as a staff writer with monthly magazine Unix and NT News, where he became editor in 2000. He has also contributed to a number of other publications. Matt holds a BA in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University in the UK.