BoF Sessions

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    S. Keith Moulsdale

    Discuss: (a) the potential impact and risk of emerging U.S. and foreign data security laws on open source (and other) database consultants; and (b) possible legal and practical ways to minimize those risks.

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    Jay Janssen

    Group discussion about the state of Galera/PXC with PXC experts from Percona and Galera authors from Codership.

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    Colin Charles

    A BoF for people that use/like/want to learn more about MariaDB

  • Luis Soares, Sunny Bains, Dimitri KRAVTCHUK

    Come and join some of the engineers behind MySQL 5.6 for a lively discussion on MySQL 5.6 in general and MySQL 5.6 Replication and InnoDB in particular. Topics include in-depth discussions of the new Replication and InnoDB features as well as MySQL 5.6 performance. This will be an audience driven session so make sure you show up wearing your best MySQL shirt, ready to share your interests,... [read more]

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    Richard Kelm

    An open forum to discuss the performance, features and best practices of MySQL's new 5.6 FTS capabilities in contrast to other search solutions such as Sphinx, Lucene/Solr, Elastic Search, etc... In essence, this BOF's purpose will be to aid and educate attendees on how to identify and understand what FTS tool works best for their specific needs.

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    Daniel Nichter

    An open-format BoF to discuss anything related to Percona Toolkit.

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    Bill Karwin

    Databases continue to be vulnerable to attacks (or unintentional errors) via SQL injection. Join us to discuss the state of the art tools and techniques for defense against this security threat.

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    Robert Hodges

    This BOF session is devoted to anyone who uses or is interested in Tungsten replication and clustering. We will discuss anything that you like: how Tungsten works, features you would like to see, and general feedback on how well Tungsten meets your requirements. See you there!