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The Percona Mission

Percona makes MySQL more valuable to our clients and the community. Our Consulting, Support, Managed Services, and Training services as well as our open source MySQL software solutions help people achieve breakthrough results with MySQL for custom-built applications, OpenStack infrastructure, Magento storefronts, and other popular applications.

We changed the marketplace by introducing pricing models that give clients access to services at a fraction of the cost, and paying only for the specific services they need. Our customers have choices. With Percona, you can choose the terms of your service to ensure it fits your technical requirements and budgets. Whether you prefer annual contracts, bulk hourly purchases, onsite visits, or on-demand time in 15-minute increments, Percona can provide a customized high value service contract that meets your needs.

Percona provides no-boundaries consulting. Our consulting contracts have no off-limits areas and large and small customers alike have access to the same range of services and expertise. We consult on the full LAMP stack, from hardware to operating systems and right up through the database and web tiers. Because we are both broadly and deeply experienced, we can help build complete solutions.

Our Consulting, Managed Services, and Support teams are in a class of their own. Our expertise is visible in our widely read Percona Performance blog and our book High Performance MySQL. We also create and maintain the oldest independent version of the MySQL database server (Percona Server), the only open source, hot backup solution for MySQL (Percona XtraBackup), the leading open source high availability MySQL clustering solution (Percona XtraDB Cluster) and many more uniquely valuable software tools such as Percona Toolkit for MySQL users.

We do business with companies and individuals whose values we believe are compatible with ours. We are committed to an open source business model. We insist on remaining independent and neutral which leaves us free to provide the best possible service to all.

Percona was founded in August 2006 by Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko and now employs a global network of experts with a staff of over 125 people. Our customer list is large and diverse, including Fortune 50 firms, popular websites, and small startups. We have over 2,600 clients and, although we do not reveal all of their names, chances are we're working with almost all of the large MySQL users you know. To put Percona's expertise to work for you, please contact us.