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Copyright, Trademark, and Privacy Policies

This page contains information on Percona's copyright, trademark, and privacy policies.

Copyright Policy

Except where otherwise noted, all content on this website is copyright © Percona LLC (“Percona”), 2006-2017, and all rights are reserved to Percona. Some content is available under another license, such as one of the Creative Commons licenses, and is explicitly marked as such.

Trademark Policy

This Trademark Policy is to ensure that users of Percona-branded products or services know that what they receive has really been developed, approved, tested and maintained by Percona. Trademarks help to prevent confusion in the marketplace, by distinguishing one company’s or person’s products and services from another's.

Percona owns a number of marks, including but not limited to Percona, XtraDB, Percona XtraDB, XtraBackup, Percona XtraBackup, Percona Server, and Percona Live, plus the distinctive visual icons and logos associated with these marks. Both the unregistered and registered marks of Percona are protected.

Use of any Percona trademark in the name, URL, or other identifying characteristic of any product, service, website, or other use is not permitted without Percona's written permission with the following three limited exceptions.

First, you may use the appropriate Percona mark when making a nominative fair use reference to a bona fide Percona product.

Second, when Percona has released a product under a version of the GNU General Public License (“GPL”), you may use the appropriate Percona mark when distributing a verbatim copy of that product in accordance with the terms and conditions of the GPL.

Third, you may use the appropriate Percona mark to refer to a distribution of GPL-released Percona software that has been modified with minor changes for the sole purpose of allowing the software to operate on an operating system or hardware platform for which Percona has not yet released the software, provided that those third party changes do not affect the behavior, functionality, features, design or performance of the software. Users who acquire this Percona-branded software receive substantially exact implementations of the Percona software.

Percona reserves the right to revoke this authorization at any time in its sole discretion. For example, if Percona believes that your modification is beyond the scope of the limited license granted in this Policy or that your use of the Percona mark is detrimental to Percona, Percona will revoke this authorization. Upon revocation, you must immediately cease using the applicable Percona mark. If you do not immediately cease using the Percona mark upon revocation, Percona may take action to protect its rights and interests in the Percona mark. Percona does not grant any license to use any Percona mark for any other modified versions of Percona software; such use will require our prior written permission.

Neither trademark law nor any of the exceptions set forth in this Trademark Policy permit you to truncate, modify or otherwise use any Percona mark as part of your own brand. For example, if XYZ creates a modified version of the Percona Server, XYZ may not brand that modification as “XYZ Percona Server” or “Percona XYZ Server”, even if that modification otherwise complies with the third exception noted above.

In all cases, you must comply with applicable law, the underlying license, and this Trademark Policy, as amended from time to time. For instance, any mention of Percona trademarks should include the full trademarked name, with proper spelling and capitalization, along with attribution of ownership to Percona LLC For example, the full proper name for XtraBackup is Percona XtraBackup. However, it is acceptable to omit the word "Percona" for brevity on the second and subsequent uses, where such omission does not cause confusion.

In the event of doubt as to any of the conditions or exceptions outlined in this Trademark Policy, please contact for assistance and we will do our very best to be helpful.

Privacy Policy

Percona does not share or sell contact information or email lists to anyone, and Percona will never spam you or cause you to be placed upon a spam list. Percona sends email only to persons who explicitly opt-in or who have business relationships with us. We do not follow the common policy of assuming opt-in and requiring explicit opt-out, which we believe is disrespectful.

Percona's privacy policy is not to collect, store, or share any personally identifiable information except as follows:

  • Percona collects information only as required to fulfill the products or services requested by the user. For example, if a user requests to be contacted, Percona collects and stores the user's contact information.
  • Percona stores the information it collects on servers located in the United States of America.
  • Percona does not collect or store any credit card billing information. Instead, we delegate this sensitive task to a trusted servicing provider.
  • Percona shares information with third parties only as required to fulfill the requested products or services that Percona does not itself execute, e.g. processing credit card payments.
  • Percona uses cookies only to store site preferences and session identifiers, such as your session when you log into our customer service portal. Site preference cookies are used to remember your requests, such as asking not to see a contact request form when downloading software or white papers. Such cookies are used only to enhance your user experience, not to track or record information about you.
  • Percona keeps standard HTTP server logs of website requests to assist in diagnosing site problems and other troubleshooting and analysis tasks.
  • Percona uses Google Analytics to help measure website usage, and Google Adwords to help make users aware of our products and services through advertisements on the Internet. Google places cookies on your computer to accomplish this, and may use cookies placed on your computer while you browse Percona's website.

To opt out of any of the above:

  • Remember that Percona's own practice is not to store, collect, or share information about you unless you opt in explicitly. If you have not requested us to perform any services for you, then you are not opted in to any type of data collection or storage.
  • We never share or sell your information for others to market to you, so there is no need to opt out of third-party marketing.
  • If you wish to opt out of our newsletter mailings, please follow the opt-out link at the bottom of any message, and your email will be placed into a do-not-mail list so we don't send any newsletters to you again.
  • If you wish to opt out of Google's use of cookies to serve advertisements to you, please browse to Google's advertising opt-out page.

Credit Card Policy

Percona intends to prosecute any fraudulent credit card orders to the fullest extent ALLOWED by law


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