Smile’s database goal was achieving five “9’s” availability: in other words, no unplanned downtime. MySQL is critical to their architecture. If it’s unavailable, then the entire architecture is down. With goals of achieving higher subscriber numbers, a larger market share and guaranteeing a good user experience, Smile reached out to Percona for its MySQL expertise.

Smile Communications engaged Percona to:

  • Meet business-critical scaling needs
  • Guarantee database uptime
  • Help create a reliable, always available application experience for customers
- Paul Carter-Brown, CIO at Smile:

“When you are growing a business as fast as Smile, being slowed down by infrastructure limitations like a database environment that can’t scale isn’t an option. Percona’s experts understand that the database needs to match business growth, and helped us to guarantee our customers an excellent experience even as we scaled up our market share.”



Smile provides 4G LTE mobile broadband services, with data speeds of up to 21Mbps, in all its countries of operation. Their objective is to become the broadband provider of choice for SuperFast mobile broadband and SuperClear voice services in all markets (Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and the DRC) so that their customers are able to fully benefit from the internet world. Their goal is to ensure that each of their over 300 million potential customers have access to fast, reliable broadband services and are able to use these to accelerate development and wealth creation.