As a transaction website supporting more than 10 million products, Pricefalls requires a database that supports high transaction volumes. It must be stable and secure, and replicate easily. Recognizing that MySQL Community Edition has serious limitations in these areas, Pricefalls needed to find an alternative solution that would meet performance goals without increasing costs. Pricefalls turned to Percona Server for MySQL and saw an immediate 400% performance increase in addition to other benefits.

Peter Schaefer, co-founder and CIO of Pricefalls:

“On the day we made the switch to Percona Server, about four hours into running it in our production environment, we saw upwards of a 400 percent performance increase.”

Company Information

Pricefalls, a start-up online marketplace and auction website, offers consumers excellent deals on retail products along with the ability to efficiently set budgets while shopping online. For businesses, Pricefalls offers a nationwide marketplace, social media marketing, e-commerce channel distribution and more.