When their main DBA resource decided to move on (taking a lot of the MySQL tribal knowledge with them), Pepper.com needed a database expert that could keep their environment running smoothly.

They also needed someone who could deal with any issues or emergencies quickly. They wanted a simple, easy-to-rollout solution for database management that was not only guaranteed to maintain uptime and responsiveness, but also be cost effective.

Pepper.com engaged Percona to:

  • Manage their database
  • Guarantee data safety and protection with a fail-proof method of backup and recovery
  • Provide a database expertise resource that is available for any situation
- Pavel Genov, Head of Software Development at Pepper.com:

“Our subscribers expect deals that get posted on Pepper.com to not just be valid, but scrutinized and rated by the community. Guaranteeing database performance is key to making sure our web applications are responsive and up-to-date. Percona Care Ultimate helps us to achieve these objectives.”

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