When PagerDuty ran into setup issues with MySQL Community Edition by Oracle®, it turned to Percona for a better solution.

PagerDuty now hosts its primary database on Percona XtraDB Cluster, which integrates Percona Server and Percona XtraBackup with the Galera library of MySQL high availability solutions. Read more about how PagerDuty improved its database performance and availability by using Percona XtraDB Cluster to create a three-node cluster in Amazon® EC2.

Doug Barth, operations engineer at PagerDuty:

“Percona is well known in the industry and offers trusted software, so it just made sense to move to it instead of MySQL Community Edition,”
“We started with Percona Server and soon found that the clustering capabilities of Percona XtraDB Cluster offered a number of critical benefits.”

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PagerDuty helps businesses increase uptime with smart alerting and powerful on-call scheduling. With seamless integrations across monitoring tools such as Splunk, New Relic, Nagios, and Zenoss PagerDuty enables IT and DevOps profressionals to reduce response times by ensuring alerts get to the right person, faster.