As an online marketplace, OpenSky’s revenue is directly tied to their uptime. The platform they provide links merchants and customers via the Internet. This marketplace platform has three major components: their application, the network infrastructure and their database.

Their data is comprised of their customers, their customers’ listings, the invoicing around services and the various merchant transactions that occur. This data needs to remain available and responsive, or it impacts both brand value and revenue.

OpenSky engaged Percona to:

  • Handle infrastructure concerns, and optimize the database environment
  • Guarantee database uptime
  • Help create a reliable, always-available application experience for customers
- Chris Wage, Director of Information Technology and Security, OpenSky:

“Our business model is one that is directly tied to uptime. This means our database needs to be working and highly optimized – not only for our customers, but for us to analyze for business and market trends. Percona Support provides us with incredible peace of mind that our infrastructure is operating at peak performance, and that any issues encountered will be addressed quickly and with the best solution.”



OpenSky is an online marketplace where over 70,000 independent merchants come together to provide customers with the most eclectic and eye-popping variety of quality goods in the world. It plays matchmaker, connecting the merchants selling that perfect something to shoppers looking for something perfect.