LMAX Exchange is a technology platform for trading foreign exchange; it delivers the unique benefits of complete pre- and post-trade transparency, “exchange quality” FX execution, and a secure, level playing field for all market participants.

To fulfill these requirements, LMAX Exchange chose a two-tier approach utilizing a custom in memory high performance “core” data store backed by a Percona database.

LMAX Exchange engaged Percona to:

  • Handle infrastructure concerns, and optimize the database environment
  • Guarantee database uptime
  • Provide ongoing support and technical expertise for database issues when needed
- Andrew Stewart, Director of Strategy and Research, LMAX Exchange:

“As a financial technology company, we strive to provide a transparent and always available environment to our customers. This means guaranteeing ultra-low latency execution (within microseconds) at 'internet scale.' We depend on our hybrid database architecture to deliver accurate and up-to-date information to our clients, with no loss of performance or usability. Percona technical support is an invaluable part of this equation.”