Grab needs their data to be available in real-time, all the time. In the last few years, they have seen their users – and the corresponding rider and driver data – scale to twenty times previous levels. Performance in this market is everything.

Almost every transaction occurs in real time, and the database workload is incredibly demanding. Grab uses Amazon AWS for its database, but found that they needed more expertise to match their growing business demands.

Grab engaged Percona to:

  • Meet business-critical scaling needs
  • Guarantee database availability
  • Maintain database performance under tough workloads
- Edwin Law, Data Engineering Lead, Grab:

“Our databases must be high-performing and always available so that our Grab application provides an excellent experience for our customers, who rely on us for their mobility needs. With Percona Consulting and Support, we know that we can architect solutions that meet our needs, and are covered whenever issues arise that impact performance.”

Grab is a company that specializes in on-demand transportation services. They are present in more than 30 cities across six countries in the Southeast Asian region. Countless people use their services every day. As a fast-growing company in a diverse and densely populated region, they want to provide the safest and most accessible transportation and delivery to their customers.