Alkemics helps customers leapfrog outdated frameworks and overly complex tools with a solution that’s built specifically for digital. Their SaaS platform connects suppliers and retailers to jointly improve the quality of their data and automate how they share it with trading partners.

Alkemics needed to ensure that as they grow to other markets in other countries, their database environment remained responsive and available for clients and customers.

Alkemics engaged Percona to:

  • Audit the database environment’s architecture and performance
  • Help tune and optimize the database environment for high availability
  • Ensure that the environment was ready for company growth expectations
- Guillaume Morin, Head of Production and Infrastructure at Alkemics:

“Our clients, both distributors and retailers, need our data services to better reach their customers and take advantage of sales opportunities. This makes a performant and available database crucial to our business, especially as we grow and take on new clients and markets. With Percona’s help, we were able to ensure an optimized database that meets our customers’ needs.”