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Case Studies

Percona works with a broad range of MySQL® and MongoDB® community members who use Percona services and/or open source software. Percona case studies discuss the business problems faced by these organizations, the criteria for the decisions that they made, the open source software and/or services they chose, and describe some of the benefits these organizations experienced. If you would like to share your experience working with Percona, we would honor the opportunity to tell your story. Please contact

Micpoint Uses Percona to Guarantee Business Growth Sustainability

Micpoint is a mobility partner for the business market, on track to grow their business 25-30% in the coming year. In order to prepare for increased customers – and their increased data needs – they need to make sure their database is ready to accommodate the new workload requirements. - Frank Leemkuil, CTO, Micpoint: “We need our database up and running in order to support our customer solutions. Without it, we can’t provide the services our customers depend on. Percona’s software and... - Read More

Rent the Runway uses Percona to improve database performance and reliability

Rent the Runway is a fashion company that helps customers find the right dresses and accessories amidst nearly 200,000 items on their site and app. With every click, delivery, return and step along the way, they gather tremendous amounts of data, informing every decision the company makes. They leverage a huge amount of data. Obviously, data and application and web response times are critical, as well as having access to their processing system for returns, cleaning, and inventory management... - Read More

Transsmart Uses Percona to Help Scale Their Business

Transsmart is a company that specializes in helping its customers make business-to-customer and business-to-business transportation processes better and more cost-efficient. Transsmart’s databases not only keep track of important customer data, but track shipments across the globe. This data must be available in real-time to the companies shipping items, the companies transporting the items, as well as the people receiving the shipments. - Daryl Peeters, Application Engineer at Transsmart... - Read More

Wattpad Uses Percona to Optimize Their Queries and Cloud Environment

Wattpad engaged Percona Consulting to: Optimize database workloads Tune queries Validate their Amazon RDS enviroment - Ray Slakinski, Lead Developer, Operations at Wattpad: “At Wattpad we have a lot of realtime updates and user interaction – we’re a social media site for writers. We need reads, writes, and our database workload to match our Amazon RDS provisioning. Percona helped us to validate that queries were tuned correctly, and that we were getting the most out of... - Read More

Singular Turns to Percona to Ensure High Performance Gaming and Payment Systems

Founded in 2009, Singular Group (, an international company with headquarters in Malta and offices in the UK, Macedonia and Georgia, is one of the world’s fastest growing gaming companies. The company’s business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) software as a service (SaaS)-based solutions focus on three main areas: online gaming, payment systems and online media. Delivering real-time interactive environments 24x7x365, Singular collects and stores large... - Read More

Invoca Turns to Percona to Optimize Data Performance and Validate Scaling Strategy

Invoca helps the modern marketer drive inbound calls and turn them into sales. Our platform delivers the inbound call intelligence required for marketers to optimize customer engagement and sales beyond the click. From attribution to intent, marketers gain a complete understanding of the customer’s journey across digital, mobile and offline touch points so they can optimize their marketing spend, drive quality inbound calls and deliver a better customer experience. - James Brown, 
Cloud... - Read More

Percona Helps Energy Consultancy 3E Achieve High Availability at Scale

3E is an independent global consultancy and software company focused on increasing performance and optimizing energy consumption at renewable energy power plants. Four years ago, the company launched a new business unit to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based solar PV monitoring solution for solar power installations. The service, SynaptiQ, collects huge amounts of customer data related to power plant performance, analyzes this data, and presents the results in the form of configurable... - Read More

Percona Remote DBA Service Helps Gaming Pioneer Munzee Achieve Peak Database Performance

About two years ago, with gameplay ramping up in Germany, Scott Foster, cofounder and vice president of technology at Munzee, found that he needed to be online at 3:00 a.m. Texas time nearly every Sunday morning to fix issues with the company’s MySQL database. “I’m not a database expert, so we needed to find a permanent solution,” said Foster. After evaluating several options, Munzee turned to Percona Remote DBA Service to monitor the database, fix issues as they arise, and make suggestions... - Read More

PagerDuty Relies on Percona for Its MySQL Cluster in the Cloud

When PagerDuty ran into setup issues with MySQL Community Edition by Oracle®, it turned to Percona for a better solution.PagerDuty now hosts its primary database on Percona XtraDB Cluster, which integrates Percona Server and Percona XtraBackup with the Galera library of MySQL high availability solutions. Read more about how PagerDuty improved its database performance and availability by using Percona XtraDB Cluster to create a three-node cluster in Amazon® EC2. Doug Barth,... - Read More

Tukaiz Relies on Percona

Founded in 1963 and based in Franklin Park, IL., family-owned and operated Tukaiz provides products and services to advertising agencies and corporations. Tukaiz offers a wide array of imaging, print, and interactive services, including creative, prepress, and color correction; digital, large format and banner printing; website development and hosting; and much more. Tukaiz turned to Percona Consulting to build replicated database servers to support their customer order management and... - Read More

Big Fish Standardizes on Percona

This case study discusses how Big Fish uses:Percona Server as the standard database for all new buildsPercona XtraBackup to reduce backup time without system downtimePercona Toolkit to monitor and optimize performancePercona Monitoring Plugins to ensure server healthPercona Consulting to accelerate project workPercona Support to quickly resolve complex technical challenges Sean Chighizola, senior director Database and NOC at Big Fish Games: “Percona technology and services are helping us... - Read More

VM Farms Relies on Percona OSS

Toronto-based VM Farms successfully combines 24x7 Operations as a Service with a robust cloud hosting platform that enables customers like Wave Accounting and TribeHR to focus solely on building great online products and services; instead of having to spend their time managing and caring for servers. Focused primarily on service, startups and established tech firms both look to VM Farms to provide a highly performant and secure environment for their applications, while VM Farms works tirelessly... - Read More

Wellcentive Uses Percona Remote DBA

Wellcentive, Inc. (Roswell, GA) offers healthcare intelligence solutions that empower healthcare organizations to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Wellcentive’s technology solutions facilitate connection, communication, continual quality improvement, and robust analysis and reporting. Percona Server, the enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL, is an important component of Wellcentive’s strategy for scaling its Big Data analytics capabilities. However, like many organizations its size... - Read More

Pricefalls Turns to Percona Server

As a transaction website supporting more than 10 million products, Pricefalls requires a database that supports high transaction volumes. It must be stable and secure, and replicate easily. Recognizing that MySQL Community Edition has serious limitations in these areas, Pricefalls needed to find an alternative solution that would meet performance goals without increasing costs. Pricefalls turned to Percona Server and saw an immediate 400% performance increase in addition to other benefits... - Read More

Estante Virtual Leverages Percona for State-of-the-Art Solutions

Estante Virtual has created a revolution in Brazil's second-hand book market. The site is a trading portal for thousands of independent traders and bookstores, with a searchable inventory that grows enough to fill two bookstores every day. But as the site grew, the traffic exceeded the capabilities of the MySQL database and the web servers. Percona converted the site to a higher performance architecture using technologies such as Sphinx and lighttpd, and performed full-stack system optimization... - Read More

Percona Server with XtraDB Puts Flash in ideeli's Flash Sales

ideeli is a members-only online shopping club that offers time-limited "flash sales" on designer brands. As traffic increased, ideeli's MySQL database experienced serious performance problems at peak load. Simple queries ran for orders of magnitude longer than they should have. The solution was to upgrade to Percona Server with XtraDB. After upgrading, ideeli has enjoyed higher throughput and stable performance, even though the application has become busier and the traffic to the database has... - Read More

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