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  Wednesday, November 28, 2012
   Peter Zaitsev, Robert Hodges

Industrial-Strength MySQL Applications Using Percona and Continuent

MySQL is the first choice for a large majority of web applications thanks to its ease of use and low cost of operation. However, running big apps on MySQL is still a challenge even for experts. In this webinar we will show you how to combine Percona Server and Percona XtraBackup with Continuent Tungsten to build business-critical systems capable of processing hundreds of millions of transactions per day with no downtime. We'll cover best practices from hardware configurations and MySQL tuning to HA and integration with non-MySQL systems. We will also survey technologies from Percona and Continuent that work together to help you go big on MySQL. Come learn from the foremost experts in the field of building high-performance MySQL applications!

Download Slides: First Part - Second Part

Peter Zaitsev
Robert Hodges
CEO of Continuent
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